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Sunday, 20 May 2018


Georgian villages needed by no one

2012-08-16 19:58

Georgian villages needed by no one. 27973.jpeg

South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov announced that former Georgian enclave - a chain of several villages in the heart of South Ossetia, which was destroyed during the war in 2008 - will not be restored. Instead of them, here will be farmlands and industrial zones. Tbilisi has immediately responded, calling the statement Tibilova a continuation of ethnic cleansing. Ruins of former villages and towns sometimes become an integral part of landscape in the Caucasian country. Nobody knows what to do with them.

Villages and sometimes even ghost towns have become an integral part of the landscape in the Caucasus after the wars of 1990s. But not only the war has driven people away from places where their lives blossomed. The collapse of the economy, unemployment, and now change the format of management. Giant plants, tea plantations or some mines have become unnecessary. And now these abandoned plants need a few hundred hands to maintain its work.

At the same time, Georgian enclave in South Ossetia - this is a special case. It has survived relatively well the first collisions in the 1990s of last century, and then, until 2008, there was more or less normal life. And with the advent to power Mikheil Saakashvili there was arranged a showcase of the achievements of updated Georgia with new houses, shopping centers, banks and even discos. It was assumed that the whole heaven shall be clearly visible from the gray Tskhinval.

But following the 2008 war, the enclave was deliberately burnt down in order to prevent the return of its inhabitants. Between Ossetians and Georgians there are a huge amount of mutual claims: the years of the enclave were not trouble-free. First, the very Ossetians were kicked out of here in the early 1990s. And then - murders, robberies, sometimes blocked roads. Now it makes no sense to point fingers. Tamarasheni, the biggest enclave village, bordered with Tskhinval, and there was no big friendship between them. And as soon as circumstances allowed Ossetians to burn down eight Georgian villages, they did it.

Luxuriant southern nature quickly erases the traces of human life. But the structures of rich two-storey Georgian houses will long get overgrown trees. Even last year in Tamarasheni, the people seemed to have left this place a couple of weeks ago. Not all the houses are burned down. In the courtyards there are toys, but in the rooms, in junk and remnants of furniture, you can find a school exercise books and textbooks. In August 2008, the children were preparing for school.

It is difficult to look at this picture, because the very atmosphere recounts the human tragedy. But the truth is tough. The Ossetians are not going to return anyone, in fact, just like the Abkhazians, Karabakh residents and anyone else in this situation. Between the communities there is such mutual hatred, death and blood, especially among those who lived in the neighborhood, that it's just a waste of time to talk about the return of people. And the side that had lost its enclave may put forward conditions just to save face.

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