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North Ossetia is losing Russians

2012-08-17 17:54

North Ossetia is losing Russians. 27979.jpeg

North Ossetia is the only Orthodox republic in the North Caucasus. The Russians would seem to feel there like at home. However, it is not true. There are few of Russians in local authorities, and now they are slowly losing weight at the everyday level. The story of the teacher Maria Komarova from the Prigorodniy District, intimidated by her neighbor-Ossetian, is very revealing. Slavic Union of Ossetia is trying to protect her right to live in the native village.


Muslim republics of the North Caucasus have almost lost Russian population. Orthodox North Ossetia is also mono-ethnic. During 20 post-Soviet years it was left by more than 40 thousand Russians. They are being driven away as if accidently, first pulling away from the legislative and executive bodies, and now at the everyday level.

Russian teacher from the village of Arhonskaya, Prigorodniy District Mary Komarov is being "terrorized" by the family of Tskhovrebov (Ossetians) for several years, who arrived in the mid-90's from South Ossetia. They settled in a nearby house, left by the Russians after the murder of Komarova's husband by Ossetian bandits.

Apparently, they have decided to drive this elderly teacher of Russian language and literature, awarded by the presidential grant, away from the house, built by her great-grandfather - Cossack. First, they heaped up the adobe wall with trash. At a request to remove the trash they answered, "Stop barking, Russian dog". And when she began to complain of damp and risk of collapse of her house, they registered a square meter of her territory on themselves. So the dangerous wall has become the property of Tskhovrebovs family. Naturally, with the assistance of the Ossetian backers in the administration and court of the Prigorodniy District.

"The court, to which I appealed at the insistence of the authorities of the Prigorodniy District, decided in favor of Tskhovrebovs. Neither judge Magkaeva, nor the Supreme Court of North Ossetia-Alania took into account the opinion of the fire inspection, Rosreestr and administration of the village  of Arhonskaya. I can prove nothing and nowhere because I meet ardent resistance of nationalists. I'm full of it", complained the woman in Slavic Union of Ossetia after Tskhovrebov brought her to court for the beating. Allegedly, she managed to climb over the fence of meter and a half beat him with a stick. Police decided not to look for the traces under the snow; though they found a witness, the Ossetian.

Driven to despair, Maria appealed to the various authorities, from the local village council and ending with the prosecutor's office. She had no hope to win. "Everything is designed correctly: they know I do not have money for a lawyer, they already have experience of bribery in the court, and nationality helps them. Who am I - the Russian barking dog. They made it clear - the Russian has no place Arhonskaya village. You will leave with nothing. We are masters, not you, the woman wrote. Her neighbors even do not let her sell the house - they are dissuading buyers in Ossetian. "Why should I suffer humiliation and insults just because I am Russian, I do not have real protection in the government. My life has turned into hell, I'm scared to go into a house, to go to my own plot. I have no place to go from my native home. And I have no strength to stay here!"

With the support of the Slavic Union of Ossetia, Maria Alexandrovna proved in the court that she had not beaten anyone. But she also must prove that Tskhovrebov illegally assigned the meter of her land. But the main thing is somehow survive near the Ossetian nationalistic insolent fellow.

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