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Dagestanis study extremism?

2012-08-29 09:59

Dagestanis study extremism?. 28087.jpeg

Only 6 of the 15 Islamic schools and only 11 of the 79 madrassas in Dagestan have state accreditation. More than two hundred Dagestani Maktabs have no state accreditation. Ruslan Gero, Director of the Center for Islamic Studies of the North Caucasus, told GTimes that such a situation is quite natural, since the state machine is not interested in the religious and educational processes in the society. This is true not only for Dagestan and Islam, but for entire Russia. The expert believes if this goes on, then Russia faces humanitarian disaster.

- Dagestan media report that the majority of Muslim educational institutions have no license, and therefore have no right to teach. Why it is so?

- In our country a lot of madrassas and Maktabs operate mainly under the Sufi mosques. It seems you can't cavil at this fact, because Sufi Islam is traditional for Dagestan. The problem is that even traditional religious schools in Dagestan are not licensed and are not accredited; therefore, the law denies them the right to exist! Unfortunately, the Russian state is completely unaware of the true situation in the strategically important processes.

- What processes do you mean?

 - I mean, for example, the fact that Russia's Muslim youth is leaving for foreign Islamic universities, as well as the fact of the government supervision over the Christian direction of youth policy, and relations of the Christian Youth with the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant education centers abroad. Tragically, these strategically important directions are not controlled by anyone. The state should engage in these directions in accordance with federal law. And if the law does not provide such things, then it shall, with a view to settle the religious processes among young people, and to introduce the necessary legislative regulations. This is a task of strategic importance.

A huge number of believers simply go abroad as the tourists, settle in a certain religious school, get study visa and stay abroad on this basis. Talented young minds and honest wistful souls are leaving our country. Where is the guarantee that overseas they do not fall into the hands of the Wahhabis and other religious extremists? Alas, there's no such guarantee, and many religious folks become victims of religious extremism. Having manipulated our children, extremist teachers send them back to Russia. In many ways, this is possible due to the fact that our state is not involved in religious education of our youth. This cannot continue.

- Who is funding the leak of young minds and souls of believers in Dagestan?

 - In most cases, young believers of the North Caucasus go to study abroad for their own money, sometimes with the help of charitable organizations. The state does not help our youth, since the state does not stimulate these processes and does not subsidize the needs of young believers.

 - And how to stop this leak?

 - The state needs to develop clear social programs in this direction to promote the development of traditional values ​​among the youth. If we are talking about Islamic upbringing and education, it concerns the so-called "green republics"; if we are talking about the Christianity, then it concerns the traditional Russian regions, starting from Central Russia and ending with the Far East. In this part we are hopelessly behind. A number of foreign countries have long introduced mechanisms regulating vital ideological processes within society and the younger generation.

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