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Friday, 25 May 2018


May the murder of Said Atsaev unleash war?

2012-08-29 15:50

May the murder of Said Atsaev unleash war?. 28090.jpeg

A few people could believe in what has happened in Dagestan. Last night, a 75-year-old Said Atsaev was killed at his home in the village of Chirkey. He was known throughout Dagestan and the North Caucasus as Said-Effendi Chirkeyskiy, the Sheikh of the two most prominent Sufi tariqas - Naqshbandi and Shazzali. All the efforts of Said-Effendi were aimed at preserving peace in Dagestan. It is quite clear that his murder was to become the Dagestani analogue of the killing of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo.

Yesterday, at about 16:50 Moscow time, a suicide bomber infiltrated into the house of the Sheikh Said-Effendi and detonated an explosive device. As a result of the explosion of "infernal machine", the Sheikh and six others people, including the wife of Said-Effendi and a 12-year-old child, were killed.

Now the killer of the Sheikh is known. According to the investigation, this is the 30-year-old resident of Makhachkala Aminat Saprykina - Russian woman converted to Islam. Her husband was a member of an illegal armed group. After her husband had been eliminated, Aminat became the "black widow". In the forest militants camp Saprykin was preparing suicide bombers waiting in the wings.

It is suggested that Aminat came to the house of Said-Effendi under the guise of a pilgrim. It is likely that she had previously met with the Sheikh under this, and the victim knew her in the face. The fact that the Sheikh refused personal protection played in the hand of the killer.

Who was Said-Effendi for Dagestan and the North Caucasus? He was the recognized spiritual leader of Dagestan, the eminent Islamic scholar, the Ustaz of Naqshbandi and Shazzali tariqas.

"The murder was organized to destroy the fragile peace in Dagestan and unleash a civil war", a chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia Heydar Jemal told GTimes. "Whether the war takes place or not, this depends on how the Salafis and Spiritual Muslims Board will recognize the true motives and calculate the possible steps of the "customers" of the murder of Said-Effendi. The important thing is the mutual focus of the parties to prevent the killers from implementation of their plans. Given the significance of the figure of Said-Effendi and the complexity of the situation in the country, the likelihood of bloodshed is very high. Assassination of Sheikh of the two world-prominent Sufi tariqas affects not only Dagestan, but also other Muslim regions in the world, specifically, Central Asia. The question is how accurately the murids of the Sheikh and all interested parties will be able to identify the true masterminds and perpetrators of the murder".

Future mentor of thousands of Muslims was born on October 21, 1937, in the village of Chirkey, Buinaksk district of Dagestan, in the family of the farmer Abdurahman and his wife Aisha. They say that on the birth of his son Said-Effendi's father read the 36th sura of Quran in Arabic three times and addressed a prayer to the Almighty. Abdurahman asked Allah to make his boy firm on the path of Islam and become a Muslim scholar and educator.

Unfortunately, Abdurakhman Atsoev was never to see his son in adulthood. When Said was seven, his father died of tuberculosis. Having become a widow, Aisha did not spare herself. Largely due to the mother Said has managed to finish the Maktab (Koranic school) and seven years of comprehensive school. Then Said Atsoev was forced to leave school and go to work as a shepherd. And four years later the young man was taken to the Soviet Army.

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