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Syrian Circassians exchange Russia for Israel?

2012-09-05 14:44

Syrian Circassians exchange Russia for Israel?. 28168.jpeg

In Kabardino-Balkaria there is no more place for the Circassians from Syria. The RKB, Karachay-Cherkessia and Adygea initially provided certain number of quota to accept foreigners. The other day Nalchik stated that the republic's limit was exhausted, and the Syrian Circassians have to seek refuge in Adygea or Karachay-Cherkessia. But they do not hasten there. While the Caucasus is determining the policy towards the brethren from Syria, Circassian organizations are looking for another home. For example, Israel.

Leaders of Kabardino-Balkaria stated the republic had exhausted quotas for reception Circassians from Syria. In this regard, all returnees will be sent in republics that are agree to accept them. For example, Adygea has expressed such a desire not so long ago. In contrast to the RKB, Adygea has 200 quotas, and Maikop is happy to receive their brethren from Syria.

Now, those Circassians from Syria who for some reason were refused in the RKB, are moving to Adygea. According to the Kabardian volunteers, the main thing is that neither the Republican nor federal budgets provide even a penny for the Circassians Syria. The quota does not mean an immediate arrangement, employment and so on for foreigners. It only gives the unlimited right to residence in the Russian Federation. Non-governmental organizations and simply private benefactors have taken the cost of food, shelter and other assistance for the Circassians from Syria.

"Despite the desire of the RKB leadership, the country is not able to help immigrants from Syria. Maybe next year there will be more quotas. Everything depends on the developments in Syria", Kanshobi Azhakhov, president of the International Circassian Association (ICA), told GTimes. "Currently, such organizations as "Peryt" and the ICA are providing assistance to the Circassians from Syria coming to the RKB. The local authorities are simplifying resolving a number of pressing problems. Syrian Circassians have place to live and food to eat. We are now solving the issue with the documents for school for the children. But the RKB does not spend the money out of the budget", Azhahov said. President of the ICA explains the fact that Moscow has not allocated money for the Circassians from Syria as follows: "When the federal budget of 2012 was being worked out, Moscow did not know that Syria would unleash a civil war and that Russia would have to give the refuge to the Syrian Circassians".

Adyghe journalist Aslan Shazzo criticizes Azhahov's last phrase. "The ICA states that Moscow was not prepared to the war in Syria. Moscow experts predicted in the beginning of 2011 the occurrence of armed clashes in Syria. I think Moscow also knew that in the event of war Syrian Circassians would seek refuge in Russia. Syrian Circassians have never hid their aspirations".

"In Adygea, only on the local providing assistance for immigrants", Shazzo added. "The republic and Moscow leadership does not help them. Moscow does not allocate money for provision of the necessary facilities to the repatriates in Kabardino-Balkaria, but the situation in the RKB is better. From the beginning of repatriation Syrian Circassians wanted to stay in the RKB. Only few individuals moved to Maikop or Cherkessk; and this has many causes. In Adygea, stay conditions for Syrian Circassians are much worse than in the RKB".

Russian Caucasian community seems to have predicted something like this for the Circassians in Syria. On August 6, International Circassian activists made an appeal to the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to receive Syrian Circassians. In the appeal Israel is called "the last hope of the Circassian people and Russian citizens".

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