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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Mirzayev and virtuality

2012-11-28 16:34

Mirzayev and virtuality. 28763.jpeg

In dry figures the protest caused by passing sentence to Mirzayev involved tens of detainees, including the leader of the movement "Russian" Dmitry Demushkin. And this has happened after loud statements by the nationalists on a large-scale action in the event of acquittal. Today Demushkin already claims he has not threatened anyone, but warned that the verdict in favor of Mirzayev could trigger mass protests. However, the news of the last days show the opposite. The failed action even had a name - "Down to ethnic terror". And, according to Demushkin, it was to be directed not against the defendant but against the pressure on justice on the part of Caucasian elites.

What is the result? Demushkin was held at the police station for four hours and then went home. Everybody is happy. One of the leaders of the nationalists once again shone in the media. Police has prevented possible unrest ... This situation seems to suit everybody.

It's no secret that open confrontation with Caucasian elites has consequences. But nationalists need to regularly assert themselves, or everyone would have simply forgotten them. But how to be active and not to seriously outrage the Caucasians? It's simple: it is necessary to replace the war with a game in the war. The rules are: you can shout about lawlessness on the part of Caucasian authorities, but you cannot go too far - no discrediting evidence and revelations. You are allowed to complain of state policy, but in general terms, without any specifics threatening to turn into the confrontation with the authorities. The wolves are fed and the sheep are safe: no serious person would communicate with windbags, - so, from time to time you can arrange "much ado about nothing" in the media.

And if everything is for fun, whether the street with its sometimes violent clashes with reality is neccessary? The answer is obvious. It turns out that nationalism is increasingly moving to the Internet. People like Demushkin are a sort of ambassadors, delegates of nationalist-mooded online community, attending all kinds of scandalous events to make the other side of virtuality remember them.

And if we have been talking only about the radical nationalists, we could have welcomed this. The problem is that all the protest movements seem to be moving into the Internet. The reasons are essentially the same - the substitution of real struggle.

Meanwhile, a healthy society should have a certain percentage of those who are willing to seek justice in the streets. Their purpose is to overcome the inertia of the citizens and occasionally remind the power about the reality. No matter which wing these citizens belong to as long as they were.

When the protest part of the society moves into virtuality, it begins to live by its laws, more precisely, by the accepted rules of the game. And the point of most of the virtual games is passing to the next level. If yesterday the killing of the soccer fan Yegor Sviridov resulted in Manezhka, today this cannot happen - according to the rules now they need a reason more serious than Agafonov's death.

It is not necessary to understand the above wrongly. This is not a call for a new Manezhka. We only want to point out that at current pace the protest activity will increasingly turn into a virtual reality. And let's suggest that a suspicion towards the CEC of impropriety at the next election will not serve as an occasion to repeat the Manezhka. In this case, a surge of street activity can cause a situation unparalleled in the political or judicial practice, such as the history of the punk band Pussy Riot. It turns out that it's more and more difficult to touch the society on the raw: now only something never seen before may take it out of the passive state.


Badma Byurchiev


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