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Friday, 20 April 2018


Kyrgyz syndrome

2010-06-15 22:58

6167.jpegOne can't help but marvel at official Tbilisi's ability to turn any event in CIS in their favor. This is what Georgia's state minister for reintegration Temur Yakobashvili stated at the meeting with PACE President Mevlüt Çavusoglu on June 14: "What is now taking place in Kirgizia against Uzbeks is continuation of the ethnic cleansing of Georgians in Tskhinval. As long as the international community puts up with such actions on the part of Russia in one place Russia will keep doing the same thing elsewhere. Thus it is necessary to offer timely and strict reaction to Russia's actions of this kind". Looks like mixing apples and oranges. However, it is even more astonishing that


this statement is quoted by big news agencies in earnest and there is no reaction from PACE representatives.

However, Yakobashvili's statement should be reviewed in more detailed: we simply can't believe that a most influential minister of the young Georgian democracy says things that would be typical of a wacko. Back to "ethnic cleansing of Georgians" which is definitely a fruit of Mr. Yakobashvili's imagination since most part of the Georgian population left South Ossetia at the time of the first Georgian-Ossetian conflict in 1992. Those remaining were attacked by Georgians in the first place. As for ethnic cleansing mister minister should be reminded of actions of Georgian troops in August 2008 who were deliberately killing Ossetians - both militaries and civilians.

Events in the south of Kirgizia are not an ethnic cleansing either - this is an inter-ethnic conflict, a rather bloody one though. No doubt the history of Kyrgyz-Uzbek relations is similar to Georgian-Ossetian story but the causes of those conflicts tracing back to centuries ago are completely different. By the way it is worthwhile to recall the events of 20 years ago when not only Kyrgyz were massacring Uzbeks in clashes but Uzbeks were killing Kyrgyz too. Anyway, in addition to glaring ignorance of facts Yakobashvilii's statement contains a serious accusation of Russia's involvement in the unrest in the south of Kirgizia. Considering the call for military aid from head of Kyrgyz interim government Rosa Otunbaoeva to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev the situation looks absolutely clear. In point of fact, Georgia's minister for reintegration implies that Russia triggered a new slaughter and disorders in Osh and Jalalabad in order to... Right! To bring the troops to the young Georgian - oh, sorry - Kyrgyz democracy. Sounds nonsense? No doubt. However, there are people who believe that.

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