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Monday, 24 September 2018


Georgian women unimpressed by Georgian men

2010-08-20 10:58

- Families break up at the times of great trouble, like war, for instance. But when a society is burning with a social fever the number of divorces, on the contrary, drops and birth rate goes up. People get closer to their families as an island of stability and security. Georgian women are now going through a real sexual revolution: they get rid of traditions that hamper European lifestyle. Soon they will get some degree of "autonomy": an easier right to divorce, to a more definite choice. All this will settle down quite quickly. Generations change each decade: it is evident when statistical figures leap, then they freeze at some level, and the society will be more tranquil and balanced. Caucasus, where traditional tendencies used to be strong, is now facing


the peak of slack. All sexual revolutions always deal with liberation of women. At first women had no voting right, no right to study, to choose a spouse, but the first suffragist movement made women socially sound. The World War II heralds the second sexual revolution: women are given the right to abortion and contraception. Birth control is now up to her, not her husband. As for prostitution, sex shops, pornography - this is a minor result of the liberties that women acquire. 

Then women get hold of money, a real freedom from men: this is her third degree of independence. The main point is to adopt a mild European model, not the feminist one like in the States: in Europe everyone is happy, people love each other. Caucasian nations are making their first step. That is why depending on how soon this social stabilization will take place, the number of divorces will decrease and the number of children will be moderate. Certainly, this is breakage of traditions that will anyway happen even if opposed to. To prevent that, Islam should be adopted, the country should become closed with the press and internet liquidated - then ancient traditions can be preserved. But even Islamic states witness appearance of "Islamic playboys" and sex-shops, these societies are moving ahead too, - the sexologist believes.

Isn't it the reason why the male part of the Georgian society protests so ardently against liberties of their women: such inconvenient relationships with compatriots can make them focus on Europeans and practice the art of pre-marriage relationships with them?

- Georgia-EU agreement on visa-free travel is applied to diplomats only, so it's premature to speak about Georgian women adopting European or American values. Though in the future, Georgian women will definitely want to marry successful and rich Europeans. Generally, the sexual element of a marriage makes 75% of the basis that relationships between man and woman rest on. That is why, as far as I know from the statistical data, most divorces occur through sexual frustration, -

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