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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Georgian luck: catching the bluebird feather by feather

2010-10-01 15:54

8301.jpegIt's not for nothing that the Georgians are made accustomed to the magic figure of one lari. As it turned out, such coin is able to ensure one's well-being for twenty years. One has only got to know where to put this magic lari, for instance, into the slot of a gaming machine. On a summer evening of August 29, the precious lari was found in the pocket of a common Georgian unemployed. Irakly Zedgenidze could spend it on a loaf of bread or a kilo of potatoes. He could as well drink a bottle of lemonade or just make a call home on his cell phone asking to meet him...


He would have been met by family and nothing would have changed in his unemployed existence if it hadn't been for the Vegas casino that appeared suddenly on his way. It was that place where Irakly's hard-won lari was invested, having brought enormous dividends to its former owner.

Anyone's eyes would start from their sockets at the sum of the prize that colorfully popped up on the display of the gaming machine. It must have been the luckiest investment in the whole history of Georgia. Vera Kobalia may eat her hat in envy: she was never (and she will hardly ever be) lucky to get 2,7 million in the same currency, or 1,5 million dollars. Considering the fact that the minimum living wage in Georgia is about 250-300 laris, Irakly must have felt himself a Croesus, a Rockefeller and Bill Gates taken together.

However, hardly had the new millionaire come to his senses when the owners of the casino (whose eyes also started from their sockets but for another reason) immediately marred his joy by saying that they were not going to pay the money. They said the machine was broken and the prize was impossible but promised, though, to return one lari to Irakly so that he would not feel deprived.

Having estimated the exchange as unequal, the rich unemployed called the police to witness his unbelievable luck. One can hardly imagine the all-round defense he had to provide to the treacherous (for the casino) gaming machine but the fact is that the policemen registered the transformation of a man with one lari in his pocket into a dollar millionaire.

At first, the casino owners refused to admit the prize: it's impossible because it simply cannot be possible. They were even going to send the gaming machine that had let the casino down to the place of its manufacturing in Austria so as to find out for sure whether such prize was possible, or it was just a computer breakdown. Irakly was on the verge of going to law with the greedy casino when its owners were suddenly struck by an idea.

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