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What’s going on in Perevi? Versions and interpretations

2008-12-15 16:24

Perevi village in Sachkhersky district bordering Tskhinval region is still controlled by the Russian troops. According to Georgia's Foreign Ministry on Saturday morning they reoccupied former positions in Perevi.

Russian militaries keep reinforcing their positions and give no explanation of their actions. According to the Georgian mass media they held off the UN monitors that were trying to study the situation there.


0/1/6/1016.jpegEarly in the morning on December 12 the Russian militaries unexpectedly left Perevi and settled in neighboring Java district. After they withdrew the units of Georgian police entered the village. But that same evening the Russian troops all of a sudden were back there again. Upon their demand the Georgian police left Perevi the very same day.

In this connection the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs disseminated a special statement condemning the events above and considering them an attempt at the Geneva talks breakdown planned on December 17-18.

Meanwhile the Georgian opposition has already presented its interpretation of the fact. Mikheil Saakashvili was accused of the Russian troops come-back to Perevi.

"The Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia had a meeting with President of Russia where he managed to reach certain agreements, and the Russian troops were pulled out of Perevi as the meeting was over. But Mikheil Saakashvili ruined it all by his ill-considered statement", - David Saganelidze, a "New Rights" representative, believes.

As he says Saakashvili decided to show to everyone that the Patriarch was acting by his orders, thus belittling the patriarch's role, and made a series of new statements at the meeting with the businessmen according to which the war appears to be lost by Russia, not Georgia. The oppositionist thinks Russia was annoyed at that and brought the troops back to Perevi.

The same idea was supported by ex speaker of Parliament, the leader of "Democratic movement-United Georgia" party Nino Burdzhanadze. She also linked Saakashvili's inadequate statements with the return of the Russian troops.

David Usuashvili, the leader of the Republican party of Georgia, is sure of it too. He does not exclude that Georgia's Patriarch will have to go to Russia once again in order to settle the relations following Saakashvili's unreasoned declarations.


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