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Saturday, 21 April 2018


Mishiko Threatens Russia from Behind his School Desk

2011-04-20 12:37

Mishiko Threatens Russia from Behind his School Desk. 16078.jpegIt is widely known that the Georgian leader, like a Turkic akyn, lives according to the principle "I sing what I see". If his destiny carries him to farmers, he swears his love to agriculture. If the road leads his to Batumi, tourism immediately becomes the highest priority of Georgia. And if he drops on a school, naturally, education becomes the most important thing in the country. And Mishiko promises to cover everybody with gold in spite of the fact that mice hang themselves in the


Georgian treasury. It is a pity there is still somebody who believes the talkative president.

To promise is not to marry. By all appearances, this is the main life principle of Mikhail Saakashvili. His odious idol Vladimir Putin was once called "the county's husband". Mishiko will never deserve such a nickname. He is able just to promise a "bright future" to Georgia, without even thinking how to keep his promises.

Saakashvili's tongue never stops wagging. So he may blurt out anything: one cannot expect him to be responsible. He went and swore that by 2013 Georgian schools would reach the European level. "Our schools will be no worse than those of Amsterdam and Copenhagen", he said in Borjomi at his meeting with countryside teachers.

The occasion for such a loud declaration was the appearance of a new school in the Tadzrisi village of the Borjomi District. The event could seem quite ordinary, but for Saakashvili even the opening of an ice-cream  booth could be a good reason for high-flown promises. They can be given without any fear: how can modest countryside teachers know what kind of schools there are in Amsterdam and Copenhagen? Their salaries are surely not enough to fuss about "foreign lands".

And even the salary increment promised by Mishiko will not let Georgian teachers make foreign tours. These promises sound quite mythical anyway. According to Saakashvili, an average teacher receives about 380 lari (about 230 dollars). In the nearest but not precise future this figure, as the president promised, will be increased almost twice: up to 680 lari.

And the best of the best teachers who pass special certification, who master the computer and the English language and participate in some special programs will have even one thousand lari. However, Mishiko did not say what a large pocket this money will appear from. Maybe it is for this reason that teacher's salaries will be increased "in the nearest future" and not by a precisely specified date?

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