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10.08.08. Internet reports

2011-08-10 20:21

10.08.08. Internet reports. 20686.jpegThis publication gives witnesses' account of the August-2008 events they presented in their blogs. GeorgiaTimes correspondents collected the stories written by Tskhinval residents, city defendants, the military, journalists and those who simply cared for the situation, shocked at Saakashvili's bloody massacre over South-Ossetians. Today's issue contains the chronicle of August 10, the third day of war.



12:08 This morning we've broke open an armory. Now almost each of us has got a barrel. Russian troops arrived at last. They've encircled the city and the Georgians left home. We're taking up positions around the city.

Today we've sent away the remaining women and children. So many dead. A Georgian captive told that yesterday only 100 tankmen survived out of 500. He is a tank mechanic. Their tank was captured and the guys put him at the wheel and ordered to fire at Georgians. The prisoner fought as hard as he could. That's it.

21:08 They are firing again! Georgians started firing from GRADs and mortars. Today they wanted to make an air raid against Tskhinval but there is only artillery so far.

We're sending people to Vladikavkaz in trucks. Women are crying and screaming non-stop. One of these days, the Georgians burnt a family of four alive with a mortar shot, two small children and parents. It's the 3d family killed in these two days.

In the village of Tsunar, a tank ran over a mother and child and pressed their dead bodies for a long time afterwards. We eat what we've got at hand, break open the shops, rations, canned food in the cellars.

Klim-iz-sosnovki writes in his Blogpost:

I heard about the battle in Tskhinval in the evening of August 8 when I stuck in a traffic jam on Moscow Ring Road... I simply switched on the radio! Here we are... As for me, Saakashvili has always seemed disgusting to me... A nobody with huge ambitions...(Quotation: "S.Freud has proved that a man's personal characteristics, especially deviations, originally spring from psychological traumas received when a child. Traumas grow into complexes, complexes grow into phobias and phobias into mental illnesses".) That's my personal opinion but it's true! It took long to get out of Moscow and then I stuck in a jam in Aprelevka for 2 hours... I was near Obninsk at about 11 pm and decided to stop at DOUGLAS hotel... I switched the TV on and saw a catastrophe!!! Well, hold on guys!!!

g0lden-key writes in LJ:

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