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12.08.08. Internet reports

2011-08-12 19:16

12.08.08. Internet reports. 20795.jpegThis publication gives witnesses' account of the August-2008 events they presented in their blogs. GeorgiaTimes correspondents collected the stories written by Tskhinval residents, city defendants, the military, journalists and those who simply cared for the situation, shocked at Saakashvili's bloody massacre over South-Ossetians. Today's issue contains the chronicle of August 12, the fifth day of war.



Today we took part in a mopping-up operation in the village of Taramasheni. The Georgians were mean enough to abandon children and old men during their escape because they were a burden.

Today, the situation is different in the republic; we've only got to mop up all villages, cellars and lofts in the town.

We went to the former RF peacekeepers' base in Tskhinval. Corpses everywhere; the stinking is awful; burnt armour and infantry carriers on the roadside.

Cryptical-line writes in LJ:

I wonder what the end of it all will be: whether Mishiko will hold on and whether we will deliver another blow at Georgia (after all, they said the flashpoints would be destroyed and today they reported more firing near Tskhinval, so there is a reason) but anyway, we can watch the army of rodents brightly described by Lermontov a long time ago: "and timid Georgians fled".

Gtarasov left a record in LJ:

I hope stabilization will start now. Tskhinval will be restored; refugees will return, and the diplomats' shamanistic dancing and grimacing will go on.

It looks like Georgia has again suffered a smashing military defeat. After all, that's surprising. Having gained independence, Georgia has so many times tried to rush into military adventures within the last 15 years and each time it was punished up to there. The paradox of the current situation is that in future, this country will be able to bring back the lost territories only in a military way.

Who in South Ossetia or Abkhazia will now agree not even to discuss the issue of integration but to sit down at the same table with the demoniac (and cowardly, as we can see now) Georgian Fuhrer? It will drag on for years now, or again will be settled by force. By blitzkrieg. What Sa'shit'shvili is doing now is just agony; all these calls to quit CIS and yelling about the western outpost in a struggle against Russia. That's nonsense. I feel sorry for the Georgians. There's hardly anyone who has underwent so many trials within the last 20 years. They are evidently unlucky with the governors.

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