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Thursday, 21 June 2018


Georgian Conspirology: who is the first to frighten the other

29.04.2009  |  17:44

5/6/1/2561.jpegA number of politicians following the Georgian situation are inclined to interpret the current events as conspiracy practice of the special services. The term "conspirology" is read as "conspiracy theory". It's when the hidden causes of certain events, or, vice versa, the concealment of those causes from the general public is attributed to a group of important persons. Supporters of the "conspiracy theory" assert that the conspirators have been manipulating the course of multiple historical events keeping behind the scenes.


Last Friday Georgia faced an unexampled situation. For several hours, the country was actually left without its chief leaders. David Bakradze, Chairman of Parliament, was at that moment in Vienna, Nika Gilauri, the Prime Minister, had left for Turkmenistan, and even Grigol Vashadze, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, was absent from the country on that day. Without waiting for them to return, Mikhail Saakashvili left for the energy summit in Sofia...

The situation was interpreted by the oppositionists as the authorities' intention to provoke the protesters to occupy the state institutions in the absence of the government leaders, however, the opposition did not rise to it. Of course, there are many historical examples, when such cases were crowned with the plotters' success, or much bloodshed. But in this situation, nothing could be further from one's mind than to announce the President persona non grata and the government deposed. The trap, even if secretly "designed" by Saakashvili's secret police, did not work this time.

However, the conspirological version of the confrontation is still taken into account. Though the opposition continues protesting in an absolutely peaceful manner, one of the most popular Tbilisian weekly newspapers reported the oppositional leaders to have shared the chairs among them. According to the Georgian Times newspaper source, Irakli Alasania, the former Permanent Representative of Georgia to UN, leader of the Alliance for Georgia, is going to become the President of the country, David Usupashvili, head of the Republicans, will take the place of the Chairman of Parliament, and David Gamkrelidze, leader of the New Rights, will be the Prime Minister. As to the former Speaker of Parliament, Nino Burdzhanadze, Chairwoman of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia party, she is going to take the chair of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The post of the Minister of Justice will be taken up by the conservative Kaha Kukava, the post of the Minister of Defense will pass to Koba Davitashvili, leader of the People's Party, and Levan Gachechiladze is going to become the mayor of Tbilisi.

It is not quite clear, why and what for the Tbilisian weekly newspaper has given such detailed report on the way they are going to cook the hair before catching him; however, it fits perfectly into the notorious "conspiracy theory". If the oppositionists have already arranged the channel of authority, how can one talk of any democratic principles on their part? The purpose of this publication is quite evident - the West is never going to agree to such usurpation of power. The opposition leaders announced at once that this is another fake from the authorities. "They have not yet caught the hair, and cooking it right now is far from reasonable. The Constitution does not say we should dissolve the Parliament as well after Saakashvili resigns, and he is going to resign for sure. One cannot dissolve the government during the period of transition. So, until the new elections they will have to work in their usual manner. I think this is an ordinary fake prepared by the power structures to mock the opposition once again, - Ramaz Klimiashvili, a political analyst, assures the public.

Indeed, no one in Georgia is going to usurp power. The opposition's protests are focused on external observers rather than on commonwealth. So, it is no use trying to frighten the ruling establishment of Georgia with the coming revolution. Instead, Tbilisi is facing the sequel of a costume party action called "Georgia is a Prison". The opposition leaders are accommodating the people coming by motor cars from the Western and Eastern Georgia in a checkered iron-and-rope town. The authorities evidently expected the people to get bored with playing the Zoo.

However, so far their hopes have not been justified. And then, someone casts into the crowd of several thousand people a rumor that the authorities have secretly started to take the foreign exchange reserves away from the National Bank in Tbilisi to Kutaisi. According to Versia, a Georgian newspaper, in the evening of April, 21, two ships were said to have put to sea from the Batumi harbor. They were escorted by the officials from the Constitutional Security Department, Special Operation Branch, the state security officials and several members of the Georgian government. Local citizens claim to have noticed that in the evenings the ships were loaded with some boxes and containers. According to the information obtained by the newspaper in Batumi, the boxes and containers held the property of Saakashvili's family.


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