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Not everyone in Tskhinval agrees with the party lists

05.05.2009  |  15:38

2604.jpegCEC of South Ossetia has published the final list of candidates for party deputy that are going to participate in parliamentary elections on 31 May 2009. Passions are again running high around the two oppositional parties. 


The first threes of the two parties out of the four South-Ossetian parties are beyond any questions. The list of the Republican political Unity party is headed by its Chairman Zurab Kokoev followed by Mira Tskhovrebova, head of the English department of the South-Ossetian State University. The third person in the list is a career serviceman, member of the fourth parliament Inal Bazzaev. The communists will be represented in the elections by three people: Chairman Stanislav Kochiev, Deputy Head of the Chief Records Office of South Ossetia Sergey Lipin and Georgi Sanakoev, Advisor to the Speaker of the current Parliament.

The two other oppositional parties seem to run in the elections with a scandal. The list of the People's Party is headed by the new chairman Kazimir Pliev, deputy Gennadi Chochiev and a KGB officer Sergey Khareboev. Meanwhile, the former party leader Roland Kelekhsaev is asserting his right to participate in the elections with his own party list.

Before that, Minister of Justice of South Ossetia registered the People's Party as led by Pliev, who had been elected at the meeting without participation of the former chairman. According to IA Regnum, Supreme Court of the Republic refused to note Kelekhsaev's claim against Central Electoral Committee and Minister of Justice of South Ossetia referring to the claimant's absence. Now the politician is residing in North Ossetia and, according to him, he does not want to make appearance in Tskhinval fearing the threats made against him. Kelekhsaev is going to "litigate in Russian courts with those citizens of Russia, who are violating justice in South Ossetia". "This is our right, because all of them are not only the citizens of South Ossetia but are also the citizens of RF. And any citizen of Russia violating the law should bear responsibility for that", - he stated, pointing out that, if necessary, he will file a complaint in Strasbourg Court as well.

There was also a mishap with the list of the Phydybasta ("Motherland") social party of the Republic of South Ossetia. It is not the party chairman Vyacheslav Gobozov who goes first in the list but his brother, professor of the State University Stanislav Gobozov.  Alan Tekhov, a non-worker, goes second and President of the Advocates' Chamber of South Ossetia Anatoli Khugaev goes third. On the whole, there are 10 people in the list; the party obviously does not expect a greater number of its representatives to be elected in a parliament of 34 members.

CEC refused the registration of Phydybasta for the reason of residential qualification. Vyacheslav Gobozov believes such a decision to be unjustified, for he has got a permanent registration in the territory of the Republic since 2000, though MIA submitted to CEC a statement of his registration since 2005. Gobozov is stating that after a scandal with the People's party Phydybasta is the only political force in favour of profound changes in the Republic. Let us remind you that the party was not admitted to the elections to the current parliament. "Now they have probably decided that a scandalous withdrawal of a whole party for the second time would be too much, so they made up their mind to diminish its power by withdrawing its leader", - the politician explained to IA Regnum. According to him, decisions taken by CEC were also predictable, that is why Stanislav Gobozov, whose family name is meaningful to the electorate and whose reputation seems flawless to the authorities, goes the second in the list.

Meanwhile, Russian newspaper Commersant, referring to "a source in the government of South Ossetia", informed that Vyacheslav Gobozov's problems are attributed to his unwillingness to put the President Kokoity's people on the list. Leader of the socialistic party refuted the version: "I have never entered into any agreements with the Republic government. Moreover, I have never given any grounds for them to treat the constructive opposition as a "manual" one". At the recent press-conference with the competitors in the election race, Gobozov named the main theses of Phydybasta. According to him, the new parliament should strive for reauthorization between the three power branches by means of strengthening the legislative power.

In his turn, leader of Unity Zurab Kokoev stated that the core objective of his party in the previous years was to achieve the recognition of independence of South Ossetia. "Now the Republic is to build its future and strengthen its federal status. Our party sees its next task in developing the nationality and further assistance to people", - he said. According to Chairman of the Communist party Stanislav Kochiev, the most significant point is to make the legislative body represent the people's interests. "The parliament should not be a shelter for various adventurers. It should become not only a legislative power but a representative power as well. The newly elected Parliament must regain people's trust", - Kochiev told the journalists. Leader of the People's Party Kazimir Pliev made a brief statement: "The main point is to keep with the people. Time will tell everything". He promised to reveal the program of his political organization in the nearest future.


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