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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Kokoity’s opposition is peeping out from Vladikavkaz

14.05.2009  |  14:41

2703.jpegDuring the press-conference in Moscow, the Civil Initiative public organization of North Ossetia accused President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity of authoritarianism and vote fraud in parliamentary elections scheduled for May, 31. The leaders of the Tskhinval opposition never showed up in the Russian capital, allegedly under a threat of physical destruction. They prefer to conceal themselves in Vladikavkaz.


After the war in August 2009 and recognition of the republic independence, President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity has settled down to a course of authoritarianism, eliminating the opposition. This was stated a day ago by the head of the Civil Initiative public organization Oleg Teziev, who once held a post of prime minister and supreme commander of armed forces of South Ossetia. "We believe the current government of South Ossetia to be absolutely destructive. It is totally incompetent in most of the issues, especially economical", - New Region is quoting Teziev. "The whole of the republic infrastructure has been destroyed. Kokoity is setting up "Potemkin Villages" (put-up villages). For example, he shows the regions, where the dwellings are supposed to be restored. The houses

are shown from top, so one can see wine-colored roof tile. But if you approach any house you see that nothing has been restored beneath the tile", - the public man denounces.

And this is not the whole story. According to Teziev, in South Ossetia, they are taking reprisals on the objectors of the President Kokoity's policy and the oppositionists are trembling for the life of their relatives. In illustration of terror, the North-Ossetian supporter of the South-Ossetian opposition named the fact that neither Roman Kelekhsaev deforced of his right to be the head of The People's Party, nor Vyacheslav Gobozov, a socialist from Phydybasta that was struck off the pre-election party list by CEC, did not arrive at the press-conference in the Russian capital. At the last moment the former Prosecutor-General Akhsar Kochiev refused to discuss the situation in the republic. "Govozov has warned us of his absence beforehand, referring to threats addressed to him and his family in Tskhinval, and Kochiev was taken to hospital. As to Kelekhsaev, this morning he promised to arrive and was obviously in good spirits, but two hours before the press-conference started he has also informed us of his refusal to come", - Teziev told.

"We had a perfect opportunity to build a truly independent republic but we have lost it "owing" to President Eduard Kokoity. It would be good for everyone if South Ossetia joined the Russian Federation. At least, that will mean less bloodshed", - the spokesman underlined.

As to the pending elections in South Ossetia, according to Teziev, the oppositional parties want the Central Election Commission of Russia to conduct an assessment of the pre-election campaign to the South-Ossetian parliament and postpone the voting date. Leader of Civil Initiative asserts that the authorities have heightened the number of voters up to 62 thousand people, while only 17 thousand actually have the right to vote. According to Teziev, the falsifiers have prepared 25 thousand ballots in favor of the governing party.

By the way, at a round-table meeting called "Dynamics of the democratic institutions development in the Republic of South Ossetia in the context of recognition", representative of the pro-president Unity Gennadi Kokoev has admitted earlier that it is indeed the executive power that holds control over the rest of the branches in the republic, which runs contrary to the standards of democracy, Kavkazski Uzel reported.

Eduard Kokoity himself assures of his being interested in the development of democracy in the republic, while the elections are going to show whether South Ossetia is worthy of independence. "You are the image of our society; and a lot of things depend on these elections. Any criticism is welcome but it should be constructive and should refer to business. By the coming election we must prove that it is not by chance that we have been able to form into a sound state. This is the merit of our people", - Kokoity stated during the press-conference at the start of the election race. He also noted that some parties "so far exist only on paper" and will have to prove their viability.

The president is obviously right when speaking about the illusiveness of the South-Ossetian parties. After Phydybasta has been removed from the previous elections to parliament, the party ceased to exist and was reconstructed and re-registered about a year ago. Its head Vyacheslav Gobozov lived in Vladikavkaz for a long time and headed the office of the Ossetian Pulse newspaper, being at the same time registered at his parents' in South Ossetia. Roman Kelekhsaev did not play any important role in Tskhinval's political life either. Save him, there was only one of his People's Party mates working in the current parliament. On the eve of the coming election in South Ossetia Kelekhsaev has left for South Ossetia and did not respond to telephone calls, allegedly fearing the threats. Thus, both Kokoity's political opponents have chosen Vladikavkaz as their second home.

The South-Ossetian opposition is obviously "fed" from Moscow and North Ossetia, as the head of the Caucasian Department of the CIS Countries Institute Mikhail Alexandrov supposed in his interview to GeorgiaTimes.


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