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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


An Abkhazian youth became a hostage of political games

15.05.2009  |  17:14

2721.jpeg The Embassy of Germany in Moscow refused to issue a visa for Alkhas Khashig, a sick youth from Abkhazia, for his treatment in a Munich hospital. He applied for an entry permit, having a Russian foreign passport. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia Sergey Shamba has drawn the UN mission's attention to such violation of human rights.


The Embassy of Germany in Russia is delaying the a visa for a sixteen-year-old Alkhas Khashig, who needs urgent surgical interference because of the kidneys failure. His parents have partially paid for the operation in one of the Munich clinics, as Head of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Abkhazian MFA Lana Argba has told GeorgiaTimes. She underlined that the issue is still being considered by the Embassy. It is the Russian MFA that is trying to help with the problem, so Abkhazia has not yet lost its hope for a positive outcome. Argba reminded that several months ago the same difficulties were faced by an Abkhazian citizen Tamur Tsvizhba, who had leukemia and needed urgent treatment in Germany. The question with the visa was settled only due to the

interference of the Russian MFA. According to the spokeswoman of the Abkhazian foreign policy administration, Tsvizhbe's mother wants to go to her son in Germany, however, the Embassy will not issue a visa for her either.

Referring to Head of the Abkhazian MFA Sergey Shamba, Kavkazski Uzel earlier informed that the refusal of the German Embassy to issue a visa for the Abkhazian boy was motivated by the fact that "the Abkhazians are supposed to obtain visas in the German consulate in Tbilisi". "The actions of such kind run contrary to the universal human principles and are a direct violation of rights of the Abkhazians", - Sergey Shamba commented on the situation in his conversation with the Representatives of UN High Commissioner for the Human Rights.

Dragon Laloshevitch, Maggie Nickolson and Roberto Richi arrived in Abkhazia to provide technical assistance to the local UN department. The head office of the organization is located in Sukhum, with its branch in the town of Gal in the adjoining Galski region. Foreign human rights defenders were interested in the situation with issuing Abkhazian passports to the Georgians. Before that, concern about "the pressure" upon the people in the Galski region was also expressed by the OSCE representatives.

Shamba reminded the UN officials of Abkhazia having invited the Georgian refugees to the Galski region in 1999. According to Head of MFA, "despite the obstacles created by the Georgian party, up to 55 000 of people returned to their home in the Galski region". "The republican authorities do their best to integrate them into the Abkhazian society and create favorable living conditions", - Shamba underlined. Naturally, the obtaining of Abkhazian passports would significantly assist the integration of Georgians. "The Abkhazian authorities are interested in cooperation with various international organizations dealing with the human rights issues and being detached from political motivation, I mean those that are basing upon an objective and unprejudiced evaluation of the events happening in Abkhazia", - the Minister assured.

In the current situation, the Abkhazians, being unrecognized by the majority of the world countries, desperately need the assistance of the international human rights defenders, who could "shame" the diplomats that afford political games with the people's fate and health.

According to a source in the Information Administration of the Abkhazian government, Khashig submitted a Russian foreign passport to the German Embassy, having the Russian citizenship. Officially, according to any international law, he had the right to obtain a visa as a citizen of Russia. However, the Germans turned obstinate at seeing that he was the resident of Abkhazia. Well, aren't there any Germans that reside in another country and execute documents in Berlin? Anyway, this was a principle decision, and that is the main reason of Abkhazians' indignation. "That is the same reason why they will not admit our President Sergey Bagapsh to France, while our sportsmen have recently gone to England, having Russian passports with them, and there was no problem with that", - the source reported. According to the source, the embassies of certain countries are acting in compliance with a secret agreement with the Georgian authorities, thus ensuring the blockade of Abkhazia.


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