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Subjective Objectivity by Vision of Humanity

09.06.2009  |  14:18

2991.jpegWhy does Russia occupy the 136th position of 144 in the Vision of Humanity rating and Georgia the 134th? A parameter which also makes it, putting it baldly, far from being pacific. However, Georgia at whose prompting Russia had to sustain its peace enforcement operation in South Ossetia, turned out to be slightly «more peaceful» than its northern neighbour.


The international organization called Vision of Humanity has recently published the notorious global rating of peacefulness created on the basis of statistical data of the UN and other international organizations, such as Transparency International, academic and scientifiс institutes of Sweden, Norway, Great Britain and Germany. It is calculated following the results of the previous year using a complicated scheme considering 23 different parameters: from the quantity of armed forces of a country and its military men to human rights observance and relations with neighbouring countries.

The assessment parameters are supposed to be built on objective mirroring of our world's reality. But how objective are such estimates?

One can agree that the most peaceful country is New Zealand, as well as that the highest lines in the rating are occupied by the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway and Iceland (by the way, last year this country occupied the leading position in the Global Peacefulness Index rating). The most problematic counties in terms of peacefulness are still Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. But this is just partially objective, as Iraq and Afghanistan are targets of the aggression initiated by the forces of an international alliance headed by the USA.

So let us reason about the supposed «objectivity» of the rating makers. Whereas it is actually quite subjective. And this peacefulness rating is built according to the «double moral» principle: "Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi".

Why do the US and UK who are continuing their military activity in Iraq and Afghanistan occupy the 83th and 35 th positions respectively, having этом notably improved their parameters as compared to the last year?

And why is Russia on the 136th place of 144, between Zimbabwe and Pakistan? It is accused of an aggression against Georgia. While Georgia that initiated a carnage in Tskhinvali by order of its President and Commander-in-Chief Mikhail Saakashvili enjoys the 134th one. This parameter also makes it far from being pacific, however Georgia at whose prompting Russia had to sustain its peace enforcement operation in South Ossetia is two lines more «peaceful» than its northern neighbour. It is true that it is considered «the least peaceful republic» after Russia in the ex-USSR territory, but it is a trifle in comparison with the «malice radiated by the ‘northern bear' against the whole world».

The Russian experts consider the rating too subjective, its criteria dubious and call it all part of an information war against Moscow.

«This indecent result does not depend on the good faith of the research but only on the sponsor and on its view of the world», thinks the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for International Affairs Mikhail Margelov. He called the selection of basic indices «questionable». «For instance, they use such an indicator as the number of conflicts. But how many conflicts can be juxtaposed to one real war?» Having called such approaches to the research «too technical and ingenuously structuralist», the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee said he was sure they cannot be applied for the identification of such qualitative characteristics as militancy and peacefulness. «In this manner it turned out that Angola and Chad shredded by internal conflicts together with the warring US and UK are listed among countries that are much more peaceful than Russia», stressed Mikhail Margelov.

The fact that such ratings represent an element of an information war is absolutely true, believes the General Manager of the Political Information Center Alexey Mukhin, - so they should be considered exactly in this frame of reference, without relying on them as on objective reality. «I am sure it is no mere chance that North Korea, Georgia and Russia belong to the same dozen. In this way the level of Russia's influence on global processes is deliberately understated».

The notorious peacefulness rating is neither more nor less than a relapse of the «cold war» and its aim is to reinforce the positions of the US and its satellites amid the global economic crisis, even if, going against the truth, they had to increase the peacefulness rating of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (131st position), whose nuclear menace has been recently discussed by the whole world.

The policy of double standards remains the main criteria of such rating makers. So, in conclusion to this comment, one can only repeat the old Roman maxim: «Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi».


Igor Umantsev

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