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Thursday, 21 June 2018


Tbilisi «Bakes» Scoops Like Pies. Now Perevi

11.06.2009  |  17:34

3032.jpegThe Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has presented a formal statement addressed to the international community in which it «nailed» Russia for violation of international regulations. The reason for such accusations is the «latest incidents» in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, where, according to the Georgian authorities, Georgian citizens' rights were not observed. What was it in actual fact? GeorgiaТimes has made its own investigation.


The Georgian mass media made a loud scoop out of the story of kidnapping Soso Kharchilava's family. They report that three children and two women, including a 1,5-month-old baby and a 82-year-old woman, were made hostage and beat in the Gal District of Abkhazia. These people are supposed to surrender the head of their family, who, according to one source, is said to be accused of the murder of an «Abkhazian militant», according to another, is searched for to put him to silence.

As Rosbalt reports, Kharchilava accused the head of a local criminal gang of kidnapping the Chief of the Administration of the Mukhuri village in the Gal District.

The day before the site of the so-called Abkhazian «refugee government» «Our Abkhazia» informed on the kidnappers' intention to kill the women and children if Soso didn't give up. Today the same information resource writes that the aggressors would agree to price of 50 000 dollars. The Kharchilava family, according to the portal, has been transferred to Ochamchire. And "the most active of the criminals is a man with a rich criminal record nicknamed Gombe, who is currently working for the Abkhazian Militia".

Yesterday in his interview to GeorgiaTimes the Chief of the Administration of the Gal District of Abkhazia Beslan Arshba disproved the messages of the Georgian mass media on the kidnapping of Soso Kharchilava's family by the law enforcement bodies of the republic. According to him, the Abkhazian authorities are investigating upon the kidnapping of the Chief of the Administration of the Mukhuri village in the Gal District. As for the Kharchilava family, today, on 10 June, Beslan Arshba does not know where are the women and children. «We do not know who kidnapped them, or they could hide somewhere themselves. We are conducting our investigation. But our militia has nothing to do with their disappearance», he stressed. He did not comment upon the statement presented by Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs saying just the following: «Georgia often makes presentations, both of statements and of cannons».

Tskhinvali's reaction to the accusation of the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs related to the "robbery" in the Perevi village of Georgia on its border with South Ossetia was approximately the same. «The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has always accused Russia», said Irina Gagloeva, the South Ossetian Minister for Press and Mass Communications, in her interview to GeorgiaТimes.

According to the Georgian version, Perevi and the nearest villages of Kardzmani and Tbeti were invaded by representatives of South Ossetian armed units who robbed the local residents and reaved their cattle for two days.

«We really don't want anything Georgian, not a drop of their air, let them just not tread on our territory», Irina Gagloeva reacted to these accusations quite emotionally. As she explained, Georgians gave the "armed units" name to Ossetian military men who set a checkpoint in the Ossetian village of Perevi. Russian forces had nothing to do with it.

It should be mentioned that the village is actually divided into two parts: a Georgian and a South Ossetian one. Both of them are called Perevi, but by their passports the residents of the first fall into the Sachkher District of Georgia, and the residents of the second to the Djava District of South Ossetia. Last December due to a territorial dispute about Perevi the situation on the border has become strained, and even Russian forces had to set their checkpoint in the village. Then it also irritated the Georgian government.

According to Gagloeva, Ossetians had to reinforce the defense of their border due to illegal penetration of Georgians to the South Ossetian territory where they practised illegal deforestation. A few days ago Jury Tanaev, the Minister of Defense of the South Ossetian Republic, spoke about it in more detail explaining the allocation of the new checkpoint. «In the Kverila River valley where the Ossetian villages of Kardzman and Tbet are situated they practised predatory deforestation of chestnut trees which were entered into the Red List as long ago as in the USSR times. The South Ossetian patrimony was robbed duty-free and sold in Turkey. By setting this checkpoint we blocked the uncontrolled movement of intelligence services and public office employees of Georgia in our territory, ending the depredation of Ossetian assets», he stressed.

As it is known, Tbilisi believes that Abkhazians and Ossetians carry out the orders of Moscow or act by its approbation. So the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rushed to present to the global community another version of events for the West to «take Russia at the rebound and impel it to fulfill the international rules and regulations».


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