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The Georgian delegation betrayed the memory of its great fellow countryman

02.07.2009  |  18:26

3248.jpegIt is unlikely that most of the Georgians would share the position of the Georgian delegate to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE PA) Georgi Kandelaki who has invited the people to adopt the following resolution: "Reunion of the divided Europe: promotion of human rights and public liberties in the region of OSCE in XXI century".

As the authors of the "Reunion of the divided Europe" resolution point out, in XX century the European countries were greatly affected by the two powerful totalitarian regimes implying depopulation and crime against humanity - the Nazi and Stalin regimes.


This resolution adopted on July, 1 at the annual OSCE PA session in Vilnius is pure outrage upon the memory of millions of Soviet soldiers and officers who went into the assault and died at the fronts of the Great Patriotic War with words: "For Motherland! For Stalin!"

To ensure the unreserved disapproval of totalitarianism, OSCE suggests establishing the European day of remembrance of victims of Stalinism and Nazism, which should be timed to coincide with the signing of the Ribbentrop-Molotov's treaty on 23rd of August 1939.

In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the 23rd of August has long been celebrated as the day of remembrance of victims of Nazism and Stalinism. It looks like now this day is also going to become memorable in the native country of Iosiph Vissarionovitch Stalin, who had been and still is the great political figure of the XX century.

Following the "democratic principles" of his Tbilissian patron Mikhail Saakashvili, Mr. Kandelaki has already criticized the doings of the outstanding politician, a memorial to whom was erected in the town of Gori in Stalin's native country.

In his speech at the OSCE PA session in Vilnius, the Georgian delegate Georgi Kandelaki stated that much more people were killed in the USSR in the days of Stalin than in Germany in the days of Hitler and that "Russia occupied Georgia in 1921; later on the same thing happened in 1940 with the Baltic States".

It is just amazing that Mr. Kandelaki, for the sake of a witty remark, following Mikhail Nikolaevitch's demagogy, did not proclaime Iosiph Jugashvili a criminal authority "exported" by Georgia to Russia in order to carry on the Bolshevist revolution at the beginning of the last century. He could have reminded his PACE colleagues that Koba (Stalin's party nickname) together with Kamo and other militants took part in robbing the bank in Tiphlis (the historical name of Tbilisi), having expropriated the tsar rubles needed to fight against the Russian imperial regime that was hateful to the Georgian proletarians.

Well, why should one be careful about the memory of Stalin, who, during his long-term occupation of the post of the Communist Party Secretary General managed to ensure in his small country the most-favoured-nation treatment, as they would put it today. Georgia knew neither hunger, nor the extremity of collectivization.

Mr. Kandelaki should remember that the Georgian people suffered the greatest losses at the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, considering their small number. Thus, sneering at Stalin's memory, who, via the efforts of a number of delegates from the European countries that were the allies of the Hitlerite Germany in the years of the Second World War, was brought into line with the demon-possessed Fuhrer, is nothing but an insult to the memory of the Georgian people and their sons who died at the front with words "For Motherland! For Stalin!"

"Those putting Nazism and Stalinism side by side seem to have forgotten that it was the Stalin Soviet Union that suffered the greatest losses and made the largest contribution to the liberation of Europe from fascism", - Head of the Russian delegation, the State Duma member Alexander Kozlovski said. He referred to the adoption of the resolution as to "an attempt of introducing defamation into the public conscience", adding that the RF delegation has been insulted by the very fact of adopting such kind of document, which "is not only lie but violence against history".

It seems like Mr. Kandelaki has got another way of thinking.

One hopes that most of the Georgian people think differently than the servant of the current Tbilisian regime, who is making obeisance to the European "democratic values" in his enthusiastic desire to show his loyalty. This being the case, Irakli II who set his hand to the Georgievsk Treaty might also be proclaimed a traitor of Georgia.

When the Georgian tsar had to make a choice between the Orthodox Russia and the Muslim Persia he preferred to be loyal to the habitual faith.

As to Mr. Kandelaki, he decided to change the memory of his people for another attack against Russia which does not deny its history however tragic it might be.


Igor Umantsev

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