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Internal political crisis at a deadlock

03.07.2009  |  22:52

3256.jpegTbilisi is expecting a high ranking guest from Washington. The closer US Vice President Joseph Biden's visit is the more rigorous are mutual accusations of the implacable opponents - Georgian government and non-parliamentary opposition.


Over the last three months - time of open confrontation of the Georgian politicians - the sides threw various accusations against each other. Political reality of today's Georgia is an inexhaustible source of creativity for writers and film directors. However in spite of titanic efforts of both sides their confrontation scores in draw. All this is because opponents make use of time-tried methods. Probably this made the people lose interest in the lengthy political intrigue in the country.

Yesterday the president and opposition leaders were dueling again. Virtually this time.

Previous meetings between the opposition and the president had no effect. So yesterday the president was standing his ground in front of the parliamentary majority that supports him while oppositionists were revealing their considerations at briefings and in conference halls.

By tradition Saakashvili was blaming Russia for all troubles stigmatizing traitors - i.e. opposition leaders who allegedly beg the enemy for money. The money-for-opposition story looks more like a Brazilian soap opera now. The core of the matter is that due to modern high technologies the authorities have allegedly got hold of "material evidence" proving that the opposition was financed from the North. There are lots of versions though: regime opponents organize rallies on the Kremlin's money; Georgian businessmen living in Russia chipped in for that; mafia bosses showed their generosity for unclear reasons.

Mikheil Nikolaevich's speech was the continuation of Where-Does-The-Money-Come-From story. The president believes the Kremlin's agents are everywhere. (We have already written that practically all opposition leaders were found to have "discrediting connections"). And Russia's main goal, - Mikheil Nikolaevich told his teammates, - is to divide Georgia into 10 parts. If Saakashvili is to be trusted, it was decided in the Kremlin to "overthrow power in Georgia and annihilate Georgian statehood", - Interfax reports. "According to this plan the first thing to be done is to unseat the government without elections by destabilizing the internal situation. In order to achieve this goal huge amounts of money are planned to be set aside", - the president stated.

However the opposition leaders are not poor people at all. It is believed that the money of Nino Anzarovna's father (who was a party-loyal official dealing with procurement in the Soviet times and later took charge of Khlebproduct corporate group to turn into an industry oligarch) would be enough to support the opposition. Besides the insurance business owned by David Gamkrelidze's New Rights was also yielding solid returns. Though as is known money is never enough. Especially in politics. That is why the opposition will be only glad to have extra funds. Exactly this was the main argument of the authorities against their opponents.

"These days I often hear statements that some politicians go abroad, meet direct conductors of Russian interests and these are not personal meetings, of course, - Saakashvili orated. He believes that "meeting such people, asking them for anything to solve internal issues in order to satisfy internal political ambitions is like crossing the occupation line in Akhalgori and asking the enemy for help".

On the same day Mikheil Nikolaevich's ex colleague, now leader of oppositional Democratic Movement - United Georgia Nino Burdzhanadze made a number of statements. Simultaneously the court started examining both her claims. In one of her claims ex Speaker of Georgian Parliament contests the Finance Minister's decision to charge her with a million dollars for failure to pay a property tax. We refer to the country house Mikheil Nikolaevich donated to Nino Anzarovna after her withdrawal from politics. Then Burdzhanadze paid a symbolic amount of one lari for her fashionable residence. She came back to politics and the penalty rose to USD 1 mln.

Nino Burdzhanadze filed the second claim against the parliament urging to cancel the order of President of Georgia as of January 5 2009 decreasing the number of her government security guards. There is another claim of Burdzhanadze against Saakashvili for insult to her honor and dignity and damage to her business reputation as the president accused her of getting money from Russia. Nino Anzarovna simply couldn't leave the new outshoot of her ex teammate unanswered. She repeatedly accused Georgian authorities of conspiracy with the Kremlin referring to the sale of Georgian Railway LLC.

According to the opposition lady because of persisting problems of budget money collection the issue of railway sale has become an urgency, GHN reports. Burdzhanadze shared her ideas that "illegal reconstruction" of railway in Abkhazia has no economic grounds if the track is not connected with Gori-Nikozi section.

She asserts "the Russian plan involves construction of South Caucasian railway".


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