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Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Mikhail Saakashvili’s new watch and new legends

09.07.2009  |  15:23

3314.jpegGeorgian president in his new palace in Tbilisi and was greatly impressed at his interlocutor's watch. "This is a heavy watch made of blue plastic material, with playful rabbits on its face", - he shared his impressions with his readers in an article called "Mikhail Saakashvili: thinking of Georgia and having Russia on his back".

This ridiculous watch reminded Walker of the fact that Saakashvili has always been very different from other presidents in the region, who are "the former party organization men that have turned into kleptocrats being at the head of dictatorship with the system corruption".


Mikhail Nikolaevitch has evidently recovered after the restless days in April and May when the opposition was besieging his residence in Avlabar, throwing carrots and cabbage into the yard and letting rabbits inside.

And now he is even making boast of this symbol of cowardice. At the end of the conversation with Shawn Walker, Saakashvili told the journalist why he wears a watch with rabbits. This is his answer to the opposition's slogan "Saakashvili is a rabbit", which is hinting at the president being a coward. "I see nothing wrong in being a rabbit. Rabbits are very nice unless kept in one's apartment", - the president noted.

However, if we put aside the Georgian president's liking for rabbits and turn back to the Georgian today's reality we can see that it is not at all that soft and furry as the long-eared pets of Mikhail Nikolaevitch.

The democratic regime of the handsome Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili is nothing more than a clone painted in a West-like manner by the authoritarian and corrupted regime of his predecessor Eduard Shevardnadze who was deposed after the Rose Revolution. This fact was stated by Salome Zurabishvili, the former minister of foreign affairs (who occupied this post in March 2004 - October 2005), in her accusing book titled The Georgian Tragedy of 2003-2008 (Salomé Zourabichvili, 'La Tragédie géorgienne 2003-2008').

The Georgian Tragedy, an accusing book published in France, is actually a story about her mistake. "I was appointed a minister not because of what I could really do but because of an impression that this appointment could produce", - she explains. She entered an illusionary system: "Democracy, that is, the democratic institutions, the officials' democratic language, their biography, studying in the Western countries, - this is just a beautiful front put up to conceal an absolutely different system... a system where the decision-making process is fully concentrated in the hands of the president and several other people, among whom the power ministries have got the most important standing (Ministries of Internal Affairs and Defense)".

According to the author of the book, President Saakashvili is not a modern leader having adopted the Western principles and being admired by the West but a person belonging to a circle that was close to Shevardnadze; a man who went through the KGB school in Kiev at the end of the Soviet epoch, an unrestrained manipulator. "Nothing counts should Saakashvili get any idea into his head and should he be coldly determined to realize it. He thinks of nothing but power!" - Salome Zurabishvili points out.

"Any political pamphlet deliberately exaggerates the reality, the more so as the author is one of the current leaders of the Georgian opposition, - says Pierre Lorrain in his book review, a critic from the French periodical Valeurs Actuelles. - However, these critical remarks are confirmed by a severe break-up of November demonstrations in 2007, establishing a "manual" parliament, an "accidental" death of Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania and the dangerous games played by the almighty Minister of Foreign Affairs Vano Merabishvili who is a true expert on all types of provocative acts and who has become the main security minister of the Georgian regime".

Shawn Walker, the correspondent of The Independent, has evidently got no time to get acquainted with the revelations of Salome Zurabishvili; still, at the beginning of his interview, he also underlines that "the days when Georgian was praised as the beacon of freedom have long been gone". However, Saakashvili did not allow the English journalist to take a negative tone at the beginning of the conversation at the president's residence: he immediately started showing the projects of five-star hotels that are planned to be erected in Batumi. According to the president's evaluation, the number of tourists is going to grow ten times in the next three years.

Russia seems to be the only obstacle in Saakashvili's grand plans. The president of Georgia continues assuring the world public that Russia's intrusion was not unprovoked and that is was part of Putin's long-term plan as to the occupation of the Georgian territories.

"According to Saakashvili, soon after the recognition of Kosovo by the United States and many European countries, Putin told him that this step would have definite consequences in the Caucasus, - the newspaper says. - You will have to pay for your allies. Your allies have just recognized Kosovo, so we have got to do something. But do not worry, it is not going to cause you much", - Putin allegedly said to the Georgian leader.


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