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Friday, 27 April 2018


How Mr. Lortkipanidze Beat Khlestakov

13.07.2009  |  23:12

3348.jpegRussophobia seems to turn into kind of a national sport in Georgia, when everyone tries to outdo his or her opponent in promiscuous condemnation of the Northern neighbour.


When the notorious museum of Soviet occupation was opened in Tbilisi three years ago, the deputy of the Georgian Parliament Nikoloz Rurua was declared the author of the idea of creating this exhibition, though «memorials» of this kind have already been functioning in Riga and Vilnus. It is curious that the activity of such Georgian politicians as Stalin and Beriya is not represented in the Tbilisi exhibition that features execution orders, personal files of people persecuted for political reasons in Soviet times, archive photos and documentary films.

And in the museum of the Georgian history the pages dedicated to the development of Marxism in Transcaucasia that used to constitute one third of the museum display have become blank.

However, let us put aside the museum passions. Now Russophobia of Tbilisi has received an impetus of a planetary level. The deputy of a Georgian Parliament Dmitry Lortkipanidze has put forward an initiative of creating a Council for Deoccupation of Georgia delegating its representative no less than to the United Nations.

«I think it is necessary to create a deoccupation council delegating its representative to the United Nations. The creation of the Council must lead to the UN depriving Russia of the right of veto as an occupant country. In this case we will be able to introduce international organizations without Russia's approval, including sending police forces to the occupied territories», said Dmitry Lortkipanidze whose orations «could be envied by Cicero». Mr. Lortkipanidze seems to have excelled Gogol characters in his eloquence. Even Khlestakov is not good enough to dust his shoes in terms of blue-sky thinking and impudent fantasy.

A competent lawyer that the Georgian parliamentarian claims to be should know the elements of international law, but, alas...

«The Council creation must lead to the UN depriving Russia of its right of veto as an occupant country and will contribute to the introduction of international forces to the conflict regions», thinks Dmitry Lortkipanidze the lawyer. I wonder when the UN ever deprived the Security Council members of their right of veto? Today's patron of Georgia, the USA will hardly allow creating such a precedent due to its own global ambitions.

Mr. Lortkipanidze should have studied the history of UN activity. However, instead he decided to turn to other historical aspects.

«Considering international law regulations, Georgia has disputable issues not only with Russia of Vladimir Putin but with Russia of Vladimir Lenin, and what happened in August'2008 is not only occupation of separate territories this is a second introduction of occupation troops since 1921», said Dmitry Lortkipanidze to the journalists on 8 July, says GHN. As the deputy said, the deoccupation council must not work on the results of the August war of 2008 but must start real deoccupation struggle by reference to the Georgian occupation of 1921.

In his words, despite the referendum held by Zviad Gamsakhurdia on 31 March 1991 and the Act of Independence of Georgia, the country was not deoccupied and the state imposed in 1921 is continuing in legal terms.

A good occasion to blame the first president of post-Soviet Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia who did not manage to hold a good deoccupation campaign. Lortkipanidze learnt that in those times Russian troops were not acknowledged occupation troops and were defined as a foreign army.

One would like to learn from Mr. Lortkipanidze why the «Russian occupation army» represented, in his opinion, by the divisions of the ex-Transcaucasian Military District, did not interfere in the Georgian political wrangles, when the militants of the mafia boss Djaba Ioseliani, while expelling from Tbilisi the legally elected president Gamsakhurdia, burnt half Prospekt Rustaveli. Why did the same «occupation army» keep silent during the retaliatory raids to Abkhazia and South Ossetia sent first by Gamsakhurdia and then by Shevardnadze?

And why, despite the international arrangements, it left its bases in Georgia ahead of schedule, leaving all the infrastructure to the Georgian army?

The discussion with Mr. Lortkipanidze can go to infinity, but is there any sense in it? All the more so as the majority of the current Georgian parliamentarians just makes public the thoughts of «the most democratic President ever». According to the saying «Good masters make good servants».


Vasiliy Usolstsev

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