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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Georgia: trying role of victim again

04.08.2009  |  17:17

3545.jpegAs the tragic anniversary of the Georgian armed invasion in South Ossetia aimed at recovery of the breakaway autonomy lost in mid 90s is getting closer Tbilisi's propaganda machine and sympathizing Western media have started an open misinformation campaign against Russian militaries.

Bakililar.AZ (Azerbaijan) with reference to Georgia's Foreign Ministry statements asks a rhetorical question: «Is Russia again on the warpath?" This provocative rhetoric was instigated by messages from Tbilisi that on August 3 Russian troops had started large-scale exercises in "the occupied territories of Georgia".


"Russia is conducting large-scale exercises in South Ossetia", - Bakililar.AZ echoes Tbilisian provokers.

Let's leave the croaking of Azerbaijani colleagues with them, all the more the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense contradicted information on military drills supposed to start in South Ossetia on August 3. ITAR-TASS got the following information from the Ministry of Defense: "Large-scale exercises involving 4th Russian military base deployed in South Ossetia are not planned".

Nonetheless, in the run-up to the first anniversary of the 5-day war in Caucasus the number of provocations on Georgian-South Ossetian border is growing. What's the purpose of this unfunny fooling around?

"The conflict no longer tops the global agenda", - The Financial Times, Britain's financial newspaper reviews last year's war. "Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia's humiliated pro-US president, protests in impotent fury. He still peppers speeches with fierce anti-Russian rhetoric and raises the spectre of the destruction of Georgia. However, even Mr Saakashvili admits Georgia's hopes of early entry into Nato are shattered and that winning back the breakaway regions will take "a long time".

"Obama's trip to Moscow last month made it clear that last August's war between Georgia and Russia neither revived the cold war nor had any impact on the trend towards greater US-Russian co-operation that Obama promised during his election campaign", - Jonathan Steele, The Guardian's reputable columnist writes in his article on the anniversary of the August war.

According to the author the conflict around Abkhazia and South Ossetia is back to being "frozen". The general situation is unchanged: "Tens of thousands have lost their homes and hundreds their lives in a war for which Saakashvili - in spite of some slaps on the wrist from Obama and Biden - still has not had to pay a serious price". - Steele concludes in the pages of The Guardian.

And the day of requital is near. As the Financial Times correspondent observes: "In Georgia, rapid economic expansion has ended in recession. Only a $4.5bn international aid plan prevents a social crisis. Discontent is rife, as are complaints about Mr Saakashvili's heavy-handed rule and the folly of going to war".

"Georgia has to find a way of living with Russia but unfortunately our president is mad," the newspaper quotes a Tbilisi taxi driver.

Abkhaz President Sergey Bagapsh didn't mention Mikheil Saakashvili's mental health though the topic has become a proverb and a byword among both the Georgian opposition and apolitical Tbilisians. The Abkhaz leader believes "Georgia must be governed by a Georgian-minded person. Not the one with Georgian surname - he must have a Georgian mindset. Saakashvili's surname is Georgian, it looks like Georgian, but his mindset is American. He wants to plant American standards in Georgia. It is always hard. These things can't be exported to another country... Today some are trying to export democracy to Iraq, some try to export their lifestyle to Georgia. Every nation is beautiful in its uniqueness. Once this all gets broken - the result is lame. It's impossible to be a democrat for the whole world, declare this as the Georgian president did today and be a tyrant in his own country.

He has lots of political prisoners, beaten demonstrators, unlimited power, constant arming, permanent aggression... It can't be that Abkhazians, Ossetians, Armenians and Azerbaijani living in Georgia are all bad to Georgians. Russians are simply enemies. Maybe it's time to improve something inside oneself, as in Zhvanetsky's conservatoire? What is going on? Living and quarreling with all neighbors is no good".

The West, it seems, starts realizing these simple truths. "Though the US and the EU back the Georgian president's defence of Georgia's territorial integrity, refusing to recognise South Ossetian or Abkhazian independence the west is unwilling to risk damaging seriously overall relations with Moscow", - the Financial Times highlights.

The reason why the new master of the White House is alienating from George Bush's ex favorite is clear in the opinion of The Guardian columnist: ". A year on from the five-day war, most European governments as well as the Obama administration agree Saakashvili bears most of the blame".

That is why today the Georgian president is doing his best to show to the whole world that a threat of a new war is hanging over Georgia. But the efforts seem to be vain.

If only the Georgian president doesn't commit another crime. But this will be a suicide.


Igor Umantsev

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