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Dmitry Medoev: our people can never be defeated

07.08.2009  |  17:04

3593.jpegOn the day of the sad anniversary of the August events that happened in South Ossetia, the republic Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Russia Dmitry Medoev answered the questions of the GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

- What is your evaluation of the last August events and what meaning do they have for your people?


-After the last August events, the time split for us in a way: there is time before August, 8 and after August, 8. I believe reality was reviewed in the same way not only in Ossetia but in Russia and in the whole world as well, because one can hardly find a similar fact of such barbarous night bombardment of the sleeping city in the post-war history. We see it as a crime against humanity. For us, Saakashvili, together with his regime, his soldiers and generals is definitely a criminal. - They have committed a crime against the civilians of South Ossetia. They had hoped that after such barbarous aggression, the Ossetians would escape to Russia, to North Ossetia. They had reckoned upon that. They wanted to eliminate half of the nation to make the other half

simply run away. However, they got it wrong and met with a resounding rebuff. Defenders of Tskhinval held firm for three days and nights; they fought a loosing battle and defeated the armed-to-the-teeth enemy.

Many questions arise at this point. For instance, there is the issue of the Georgian armament: I think that those countries that had been arming Georgia all this time must bear responsibility together with Saakashvili's regime.

For us, Ossetians, the August war is a Patriotic War. We were defending our Motherland, our country, our home, children, and our future. Today, the overall world community admits that Georgia is the aggressor. Saakashvili's regime had set before its soldiers the task of complete physical destruction and ethnic cleansing in the territory of South Ossetia. We managed to hold out and win, and we have obtained independence. For us, the year of 2008 became the year of great losses and, at the same time, of great victory. We have restored our nationality and obtained recognition of South Ossetia by the Russian Federation.

These days, we are marking the first anniversary of this barbarous war; we remember all our brothers and sisters that died in the fight. We will always remember each warrior, each Russian soldier and officer, the peacemakers, militia men and common citizens, everyone who died defending South Ossetia and who laid down their life for freedom and independence of our country. Lest we forget them.

A little later, on August 26, we are planning to mark the first anniversary of obtaining independence in a wider scale. It was on the 26th of August that President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on recognizing South Ossetia. This is a historic event for us. We believe that the Russian president and government took a very important and responsible decision which allowed to save our people from total physical destruction.

- What are the main lessons to be drawn from the August events, in your opinion?

- The main lessons of the August events bear much resemblance with those that were drawn by Europe in 1945, when Fascism was destroyed and Europe started thinking about the reasons of what had happened. And the reasons, both in Europe and in Georgia, lie in passivity and indifference of the European and world public opinion, for, during the last years, the world community has been turning a blind eye on the enhanced militarization of Georgia. Moreover, Saakashvili's regime has been encouraged in every possible way, and Saakashvili was pushed towards provocative acts against the Russian army. They applauded him when he smashed Batum and when he suppressed his own opposition in Tbilisi. They actually let him off the leash and armed him, so Saakashvili began to press the buttons carelessly just like a boy in a computer game. And now we have got what we have got.

That is why, the main lesson for the international community is to stop encouraging Saakashvili's criminal regime in future. However, today we can see that the West continues arming Georgia. We hear the talks from over the water about the US' intention to consider the possibility of supplying defensive weapons to Georgia. Saakashvili's volunteers go to Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Israel - these are the same routes they had taken before the war last year. And now these countries promise to arm Georgia again. This must be stopped.

- Do you think that the war might repeat?

- The last year attack at South Ossetia was a mad, a reckless step taken by Saakashvili's regime. Everyone was convinced of that. I do not think this madness will recur. The Georgian army and Saakashvili's regime received a fitting rebuff in South Ossetia and they got their due. Since that time, the Georgian army has been demoralized, its morale being utterly low. But the main point is the universal truth known since the times of Khammurapi: one cannot defeat the nation that is defending its homeland, its families and dwellings in its native land. One can destroy South Ossetia but one can never conquer and defeat its people.

- How is the restoration of South Ossetia going on?


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