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Saakashvili is getting ready for elections

17.09.2009  |  10:23

3998.jpegThe most painful phase of the domestic crisis in Georgia is over. Generally speaking, despite the coming protest actions, the government started preparing for the elections. The term defined by the Constitution is 2013. Having won the confrontation, Mikhail Saakashvili proclaimed the pre-election slogan of the ruling United National Movement: "working along with talking". On the same day, the government reported the results of the United Georgia: No Poverty program to the parliament. So far, the action is not suited to the word...


The Georgian opposition keeps asserting that it is going to change the power in a peaceful way. Consequently, there is no mechanism to struggle for power other than elections. The problem is that the authorities' opponents have defined neither the strategy nor the pre-election slogan.

As to Mikhail Nikolaevitch with his PR talent, he is ready enough. Yesterday, during the ceremony of starting the construction of a new electric power line which is going to connect Georgia and Turkey he proclaimed the pre-election slogan of the ruling United National Movement: "working along with talking". According to Internet edition, Saakashvili explained that this is a "new version" of the pre-election slogan of the ruling party.

"By constructing this electric power line we will actually eliminate the possibility of someone cutting off the line so that Georgia might find itself in darkness", - he said, remembering January 2006 when Georgia had to face energy problems allegedly due to the energy subversion on the Russian part. "I promised myself and my people then that we will never allow a situation when our children are cold because someone cut off our gas or power; we will never allow one player in the energy market to dictate the economic and political terms. We will never allow Georgia to depend on a single direction and we will never tolerate any serious threat to its independence", - Saakashvili stated. - This electric power line is the fulfillment of the promise given to our people".

While the president was delivering his speech at the meeting, the constructors erected an electric power pylon behind him. "This is another version of the pre-election slogan (of National Movement: "working instead of talking"): working along with talking", - he said and added: "You see, I was talking and the work was done". However, so far all the previous promises given by Saakashvili resemble dummies similar to an electric power pylon erected on occasion of his speech.

In 2008, when after breaking up the opposition's meeting under the pressure of the world community Saakashvili had to fix early presidential elections, his pre-election campaign was held under slogan Georgia: No Poverty. Another aspect of Saakashvili's program both in 2003 and 2008 was the restoration of territorial integrity.

Considering the fact that the struggle with poverty was not very efficient, the welfare of the people left much to be desired and the level of unemployment went beyond all governmental guidelines and kept growing persistently, by 2008, Mikhail Nikolaevitch decided to fulfill the basic promise of his pre-election campaign, that is, to bring South Ossetia back. Well, the result is clear. Not only did Georgia rush into a war with Russia, by which it is now deeply offended, but it also lost part of its territories that had been under the Georgian control. It is this fact that the Georgian opposition is now incriminating Saakashvili.

As to the struggle with poverty, again it was not that successful. In 2008, unprecedented measures were taken when Mikhail Nikolaevitch declared war to poverty. The authorities instantly cancelled a whole number of unpopular guidelines. Suddenly, it turned out that there was no need to install cash registers for small dealers, as well as to thrust the refugees out of their temporary abodes and demolish the so-called "additions" to the apartments of fellow citizens. Scanty salaries and pensions were raised; there came a generous flow of promises, firewood, medicines, foodstuffs, and gas and power vouchers. The authorities even forgot about the numerous fountains and merry-go-rounds (that had been one of their priorities).

The problem of unemployment was to be settled using the old "bolshevist" methods. Employers were given an instruction to urgently employ all the fellow citizens. By that time, this simple scheme had already been tested on the eve of the local elections held in November 2006. A year later, in December 2007, crowds of unemployed rushed to the program participants' enrollment centers. Within a few days, over 115.000 people were registered for the program in Tbilisi and the amount of employed was reported to the government.

Now, what is the current situation in Georgia? In order to be objective, let us cite a Georgian economical expert that has recently posted an article called "Financial slipknot for an economic development A student" on Business Georgia web-site.

"The economic situation in the "importing-consuming" country, where the import exceeds export 3,5 times, the level of unemployment makes up 27-30 percent; tax receipts to the state budget are no more than 24 percent of all receipt". And more: "Until the current state of economy prevails and the employment is poor, the issues of expansion of production are settled very slowly".


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