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Friday, 20 April 2018


Russia’s peaceful attack from the UN GA rostrum

24.09.2009  |  22:57

4082.jpegPresident of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev made a critical statement about Georgia in his speech delivered during the 64th session of the UN General Assembly. The Georgians left the conference room in advance but the speech of the Russian leader reached them in print and was referred to as "propaganda". As to the words of the U.S. President Barack Obama, Tbilisi grasped them immediately. However, Russia and the USA continue coming closer and Tbilisi has to approve such rapprochement.


As Dmitriy Medvedev assured the participants of the General Assembly meeting, Russia will keep participating in regional conflicts settlement. "We are convinced that using force may only aggravate the situation; this fact was proved by the last year reckless attempt of the Georgian forces to settle the problems in relationship with South Ossetia by military means. Last August, we were very close to a situation when a local armed conflict could grow into a large-scale war", - he reminded. In the opinion of the Russian leader, the collective security system must imply the mechanism of preventing any "irresponsible regimes" from having "an opportunity to set other countries at variance".  

Besides the Caucasian conflict, Medvedev also mentioned "the most urgent task" of creating a zone that would be free of all types of weapon of mass destruction in the Near East. He also called to establish a group for interfaith dialogue affiliated with UNESCO. President of Russia stressed the meaning of UN as "a time-proved and life-proved mechanism for harmonizing the interests of various states and nations". However, he underlined that this structure should "rationally adjust itself to the new world realities and enforce its influence, at the same time preserving its interstate nature and the inviolability of the key provisions and principles of By-laws". Medvedev also hinted at the necessity of reforming the UN Security Council.

According to RIA Novosti, disarmament became the essential point of the Russian president's speech. Medvedev assured the world community that Russia will keep "moving along the way of the checked and irreversible reduction of nuclear weapon". Alongside with this, he believes that it is necessary to continue negotiations on reducing Strategic Nuclear Forces (SNF) and settle the ABM defense problems. During a meeting held in Moscow in July, Obama and Medvedev agreed to continue working on a new SNF reduction contract. The term of the old one expires in December. As to the ABM defense, the Americans decided to make concessions to Russia and abandoned their plans on locating the ABM components in Europe.   

In protest against Russia, the Georgian delegation left the conference room during Dmitriy Medvedev's speech. However, the speech itself, which was widely cited by the world media, was commented upon by Secretary of the Georgian National Security Council Ekaterina Tkeshelashvili. "There was nothing unexpected in Medvedev's statements. This was the same declamation and propaganda that has been used by the Russian party lately", - she explained.

Tkeshelashvili also pointed out that on that day, the president of Georgia was also to deliver a speech from the rostrum of the General Assembly. Judging by the words of the former head of MFA, his speech promises to be more constructive: "The president will describe the strategic view of Georgia's interests in the context of the essential matters and challenges faced by the world". Mikhail Saakashvili is going to enumerate all the violations of the international law standards committed by Russia in the opinion of Tbilisi. However, there will be no violation on the part of Georgia. As they have shown by their walkoff, they will not even hear about any violation, not to mention discussing it.

Instead, yesterday's speech delivered by Barack Obama in Tbilisi was taken with much enthusiasm. The U.S. president announced a new era of international cooperation and promised that America would no longer act unilaterally without account for other countries' opinion. As Obama underlined, this provoked "reflexive anti-Americanism, which too often served to justify collective inaction", ITAR-TASS reports. It cannot go on like this in the context of the "global challenges to humanity". Collective actions are necessary.

"The extremists sow terror in various regions of the world. The long-drawn conflicts go on, as well as genocide and mass acts of atrocity. More countries acquire nuclear weapons", - the U.S. president said. "I am speaking about it not to sow fear but to state the fact: the scale of the challenges we are facing must be countered with the significance of our actions", - he underlined.


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