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Where is the Kura and Where Is My House

24.11.2009  |  20:41

4665.jpegThe widespread Tbilisi byword «Where is Kura and where is my house?» is similar to the English «It's a cock and bull report» and is used in the context of a conversation on inconsistent subjects. Though... What do Georgia and Estonia have in common now? They do have a few points of contact. First of all, this is the Russophobia of their establishment which has been turning out badly to Estonians lately. As well as to Georgians, though.


The next contact point is a desire to enter the Western economic system as soon as possible. But, as the crisis showed, this desire almost made Estonia default, and the Georgian economy is still alive exclusively due to the donor infusions of Washington, European structures, IMF credits and other sponsor support. What else? Love for revolutions! But only colour ones: «rose» or «orange».

The Estonian deputies of the European Parliament made quite a big contribution to the fortification of the «orange» revolution in Ukraine. The admirers of Western democratic values prophesied "Ukraine's right to have its own heroes" from a PACE tribune: either those wearing the SS uniform with Hitler's Iron Cross on the breast, or those with a Berdan rifle on a shoulder in the form of Banderovite thugs.

Estonian deputies were most diligent promoting Yushchenko's campaign related to Holodomor (Ukrainian famine genocide of the 1930s). In this field they got carried away so much that they were nearly going to declare themselves, i.e. Estonians, victims of Holodomor initiated by Moscow, too. But they recovered their wits soon: in that period Estonia was not part either of the Russian Empire nor of the Soviet Union.

Then the European parliamentarians from Estonia switched to the support of the Georgian leader Saakashvili. All the more so as the host of the Avlabar residence invited to Tbilisi legions of «Estonian tutors». Mart Laar, leader of the nationalist party "Union of Fatherland and Republic" became top counsellor to Mr. Saakashvili.

During the years of independency he headed the government twice, managing to transform Estonia into a submissive executor of Washington's instructions. For this the Western masters paid Laar lavishly, making him a millionaire and awarding him every possible prize. Having collected almost all the bonus money for the development of democracy in Estonia, Laar decided to run the second round to reap abundant harvest of prizes for the familiarization of Georgia with the «Western democratic» values.

Estonians' job in Georgia is a pretty soft job. Most of them just read to Georgians some lectures on democracy for huge honoraria paid most of all from Western funds. As for business, here the situation is more difficult.

When Laar turned up in the Caucasus, many Estonian businessmen hoped to receive profitable orders from Georgia with his help. In response to the requests of Estonian businessmen Laar gave them the numbers of «men of weight» for whom, to all appearances, bribe is a must-have condition of the beginning of any business.

Urmas Syyrumaa, a well-known Estonian businessman, wanted to invest 19 million dollars into the construction of a big commercial center Tbilisi Plaza in the Georgian capital. But when the Georgian «men of weight» asked Syyrumaa for two million dollars of «deposit» for unknown purposes he gave up his plans.

So now Estonian businessmen, who are trying to save their business from collapse by hook or crook as the country's economy is under a cloud, made a new step in the direction of throwing «economic bridges» with Georgia.

Johan Farts, Minister of Economic Relations and Communications of Estonia, arrived in Tbilisi for an official visit. He will meet the head of the economic office of Georgia Zurab Pololikashvili after which the two countries will sign an agreement on investment support. Johan Farts is also going to meet the Prime Minister Nika Gilauri and the Minister of Regional Infrastructure Management David Tkeshelashvili.

The Estonian businessmen accompanying the minister hope that Georgia will provide them with good contracts. But, as the saying goes, God helps them that help themselves. When it concerns speeches from the PACE tribune in support of the Georgian president and of his actions during last year's military venture, the Georgian delegation highly appreciates Estonian parliamentarians' steps.

When crowds of Estonian deputies come to Tbilisi and speak on its squares, in its parks, gardens and, of course, on TV in support of President Saakashvili's actions calling him an «outstanding personality of global level», though according to all European standards his order on the act of violence in South Ossetia must be considered by the international tribunal of the Hague, then hospitable masters organize abundant feasts for them. While ordinary Georgian citizens have hardly enough to keep body and soul together.


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