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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


“Georgian transit” of Caucasian terrorists

23.12.2009  |  23:49

4949.jpegRussian terrorists are again afraid of the dangerous militants' raids from the territory of Georgia. Border guards in Dagestan have enhanced control over the Russian-Georgian border. Tbilisi treats these suspicions ironically. However, one can expect absolutely everything from the regime that launched a war last year.

Dagestan has enhanced control over the Georgian border section. According to the information from the local administration of the FSS of Russia, in the nearest future, subversive and terrorist groups might be sent to the republic from Georgia.


They are going to perform terrorist attacks at the fuel and energy system and railway transport units.

In Georgia, this message disseminated by the Russian media caused ironic reaction. Chairman of the European Integration Committee David Darchiashvili considered it to be a propagandistic trick aimed at disrupting the country's image at the international arena.

Vice speaker of parliament on the part of the opposition Paata Davitaya made a sarcastic comment: well, Russia should say directly that Georgia is getting ready to assault Moscow.

"These statements mean that Russia is not going to meet the terms of the Sarkozy-Medvedev agreement and is preparing for more provocative acts", - he added.

Let us explain: the Georgian authorities are still stuffing the idea that Russia started the last year war in South Ossetia into the people's heads. Still, the International Committee headed by Heidi Tagliavini expressly determined that it was Georgia who was the aggressor. It started bombarding Tskhinval, stepping on the corpses of the Russian peacemakers, having decided to "set up constitutional order" in South Ossetia. Thus, Georgia broke all the existing agreements between the conflicting parties. Saakashvili's army had been preparing for this war for several years.

As to the current messages about the subversions in Dagestan prepared by militants basing in Georgia, one cannot reckon that the media would provide any photo or video evidence of the fact. There is only a warning from the Russian special services, which are supposed to be much better informed than anyone else.

In October, Head of the Federal Security Service of Russia Alexander Bortnikov accused Russia of giving shelter to al-Qaeda terrorists. It was also reported that the Georgian special services assist the emissaries of the organization to transport the militants into the territory of Chechnya and deliver fire weapons to Dagestan.

After that, heated discussions were started around the notorious Pankisi Gorge in Georgia.

As was suggested by the oppositional forces, a monitoring group arrived at the spot, including the deputies of the Georgian parliament, journalists and foreign diplomats. They met with the people, examined the suburbs and, naturally, discovered no militants. Even if they had discovered any, they would keep their mouth shut.

Simultaneously with this voyage, the Georgian authorities undertook a return informational attack against Russia. Political experts started hinting that Georgia was going to be represented as the terrorists' refuge in order to start another war with it.

Moreover, the Expressnews agency disclosed the information obtained from anonymous sources that turned the concern about the terrorists upside down: they said that it was the Russian special services who were preparing subversive groups to penetrate Georgia and then attack the North-Caucasian republics.

All these actions were supposedly aimed at capturing Tbilisi. Such version expressly reveals Freud's complex of the Georgian government but it does not consider the situation in the North Caucasus.

The war of the so-called "Jihad's warriors" with the authorities and "the unfaithful" have already spread not only in Chechnya but in Dagestan and Ingushetia as well. Recently, the situation started getting aggravated in Karachay-Cherkessia. Can the serious experts really talk of Russia's plans on any external seizure?

The suspicion that the militants receive help from the Arabian world via Georgia has got certain grounds. In the Caucasus, Russia adjoins with Georgia and Azerbaijan. However, Baku is loyal to Moscow, while Tbilisi is waiting for the moment when the northern state becomes weaker to bring back Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Besides, in 1999, Georgia has already given shelter to the militants who moved to Pankisi together with peaceful refugees, the relatives of the Georgian Kistins (descendants of the Chechens). Being wounded, Doku Umarov who headed al-Qaeda's actions in the South Caucasus, received medical treatment in a hospital in Tbilisi. His boss Ruslan Gelaev was practically Saakashvili's friend; Shamil Basaev, who opened a series of terrorist attacks in Budennovskiy and was guilty for the deaths of hostages in the school of Beslan, met with the minister of internal affairs of Georgia and obtained safe-conduct for the militants.

How can one trust Georgia's neutrality and its official representatives' statements after all these events?


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