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Monday, 23 April 2018


Conservatives about Mukhrovani: mutiny is Saakashvili’s invention

12.01.2010  |  16:32

5065.jpegThe Conservative Party of Georgia will seek reconsideration of the sentence against Mukhrovani mutineers. After General Koba Kobaladze was acquitted the opposition realized the mutiny had never been planned. The whole story was triggered and blown up by the authorities. This is what Bidzina Gudzhabidze, a Conservative tells in his interview with GeorgiaTimes.


Yesterday Tbilisi court passed an extraordinary verdict: general Koba Kobaladze was acquitted as having no relation to the mutiny in Mukhrovani military base. His innocence was obvious, Shalva Tadumadze, one of his lawyers stated after the sentence was pronounced. The chances of acquittal were few nonetheless.

Giya Gvaladze, one of the accused, ex commander of Delta special group testified against Kobaladze. He agreed to a plea bargain admitting all fault and denouncing his fellow-officers. As a reward he was sentenced to a shorter term.

The general was deemed main organizer of the military rebellion allegedly aimed at overthrow of the government. But the "main" was acquitted. Participants of the mutiny - colonel Koba Otanadze, Levan Amiridze, a commander of the ranger battalion, Shota Gorgiashvil, armor battalion commander and other 27 officers were sent to serve long prison terms for the coup that nobody had planned.

The Conservative party of Georgia therefore came forward with a special statement asserting the military rebellion is a myth.

"Tbilisi City Court acquitted Koba Kobaladze as an organizer of an armed mutiny at the Mukhrovani military base. This confirms that on May 6 there was no attempted armed rebellion in Mukhovani. It was a provocation inspired by the authorities to overlay the ongoing rallies in Tbilisi", - the statement of the Conservatives reads.

They also remark that "given the international monitoring the authorities could no longer falsify the evidence and were forced to release Koba Kobaladze, a political prisoner".

The opposition believes it necessary to start the international investigation into the case to "reveal inspirers of this provocation" and proceed to the impeachment of Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili.

Bidzina Gudzhabidze explained to GeorgiaTimes that Koba Kobaladze's acquittal yesterday was a show-off for John McCain, the US Republican Senator who had been to Georgia to meet with the government and the opposition. The authorities staged a performance with the judgment of acquittal to please the guest who had heard criticism of Saakashvili regime from his opponents.

If the imaginary organizer of the coup d'etat was exculpated by the court is it appropriate to say that somebody was preparing it? "There was no mutiny. Mikheil Saakashvili and his political gang invented it", - Gudzhabidze stated categorically.

"It was not a rebellion but just disobedience to the seniors, - the Conservative continued. - The officers were made to disperse protest rallies and oppose people. They didn't want to. This all came up at the hearing. And there is no evidence the officers were preparing a coup".

It will be remembered the rebellion took place at the height of rallies for resignation of the president. Mikheil Saakashvili neglected the ultimatum put forward by the leaders of non-parliamentary parties and the opposition declared disobedience campaign with rallies in city squares and near presidential residences, cage cells in the city's main avenue, and shame corridors near the Public TV that failed to present all these events in full.

Saakashvili was supposed to attract both the police and the army to calm people down. But immediately after the mutiny at Mukhrovani base the opposition stated that the officers had suffered refusing to comply with the order of the president. The "mutiny" looked more than strange. The officers simply refused to leave their barracks without shooting or fleeing.

At court hearings it was evidenced that the armor battalion had refused to take part in the Independence Day Parade on May 26. Shota Gorgiashvili, battalion commander considered it wrong to organize festivities after defeat in South Ossetia. He was supported by colonels Koba Otaladze and Giya Krialashvili, as well as Levan Amiridze, ranger battalion commander. Kriashvili was later killed at the time of detention.

According to Gudzhabidze lawyers of the convicted for the attempted coup will contest the verdicts and seek reconsideration of the accusatory articles.

By the way Kobaladze, as his lawyer said yesterday, also thinks of appealing against the verdict since he was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment for carrying arms. The general served the term in the pre-trial facility and doesn't consider this accusation just.

The Conservative party submits its call for an independent investigation into the mutiny to the international structures. Its effect depends on what is more important to Europe: truth or an obedient president of a transit country next to Russia.


Svetlana Bolotnikova

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