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Sukhum and Tskinval in the Georgian interpretation

15.02.2010  |  23:10

5346.jpegTbilisi decided to use the visit paid by the Dutch delegation for the realization of its idйe fixe. The idea is to fix such terms as "occupation" and "ethnic cleansing" in respect of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the international documents. Will the west adopt the Georgian interpretation of the current events? GeorgiaTimes tried to find out the opinion of the Russian delegates.


The situation got stable when the Russian troops came to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. This was noted at the last year-end even by the European observers being in sympathy with the Georgian authorities. However, Tbilisi is not satisfied with such appraisal so long as it lulls the international community, while Georgia would like Russia's actions to be permanently criticized.

Last week, the Georgian MFA overblew a scandal concerning the detainment of the taxi-buses with the Georgians near the village of Nabakevi of the Galskiy region. Several dozens of people that were heading towards the Georgian town of Zugdidi were transferred to the police office and were forced to pay fines. One of the people was taken to hospital because he felt bad during the incident.

Tbilisi says that by using such methods, Russia "implants total terror in the occupied territories, having started hunting the people". According to the Georgian Foreign Policy administration, "lawlessness became the Kremlin's standard policy" and Moscow deliberately aggravates the situation in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

It should be noted that the border crossing mode was determined by the Abkhaz authorities and implies certain charges at the border. The Georgians of the Galskiy region are fully aware of it. However, they purposefully ignored the rules; perhaps, their actions were prompted by the Georgian authorities.

Destabilization plays into the hands of the official Tbilisi, for that is the only way to draw the international community's attention to the lost regions. The incidents with the Russian military men will confirm the favorite term "Russian occupation", while the reports about the oppression of the Galskiy Georgians will confirm "ethnic cleansings".

These two words are the key to the solution of the task, which seems to be impossible for Georgia: how can one make the Russian troops leave Abkhazia and South Ossetia and deprive the split-off states of Moscow's protection?

Georgia is trying to turn the Europeans to their own version of the current events. The country filed a lawsuit with the International Criminal Court. According to Minister of Foreign Affairs Kalandadze, the country is interested in the existence of a "definite legal document confirmed by the court stating that Georgia has undergone ethnic cleansing and the Georgian territories are being occupied". The Hague Prosecutor has already reviewed the report of the non-governmental organizations based upon the refugee's stories.

Today, Kalandadze again started speaking about the intention to fix such terms as "occupation" and "ethnic cleansing" in respect of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the international documents and introduce them in the international arena.

This time, it was decided to act through the delegation of PACE Dutch parliamentarians that have arrived in Georgia. Those terms that Tbilisi needs will also be actively introduced during tomorrow's visit of the OSCE Kazakh chairman.

Will the West go on the Georgian leash? The Russian delegates do not think it will.

"No one is going to seriously mar relationship with Russia, for such important issues as the Iranian issue are still to be settled with Russia. It might be supported in some unimportant resolution somewhere at the backstage", - Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Security Committee Gennadiy Gudkov stated in his interview to GeorgiaTimes.

He underlined that it was Georgia that is to blame for the armed conflict and that everyone understands it and will not get involved into an "uncomfortable situation".

"I think it is just a PR-action that is aimed at stirring interest to the topic that has lost its importance for the world and Europe. It is clear that the issue is gradually approaching the third-fourth-fifth level of importance. That is why, Georgia needs to keep the fire burning. That is the reason for the campaign: let us adopt, let us brand and so on", - he explained.

Political expert and delegate Sergey Markov did not make any definite forecast. According to him, the West's decisions significantly depend upon the attitude of the White House in Washington. "On one hand, the western politicians know that Saakashvili is 90 percent guilty of the South-Ossetian war and they have no intention to encourage him in this aspect", - GeorgiaTimes interlocutor believes.

He reminded that the people of South Ossetia "have been struggling for their independence from the Georgians for dozens and even hundreds of years and for the greater part of its history, they have not been part of the independent Georgia". "Most decision-makers are also aware of this fact", - Markov underlined.


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