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Several words about Ardzinba instead of an epitaph

05.03.2010  |  13:57

5493.jpegFirst President of Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba has died in a Moscow hospital. He was 64 years old. His life started in a family of teachers and ended with a great lesson for Georgia. A history professor, he led the people of his country through the hard times and witnessed the complete manifestation of his dream, that is, the revival of Abkhazia's independence at the end of his life. The role of this person in the contemporary history was estimated by the interlocutors of GeorgiaTimes.


The death of Vladislav Ardzinba coincided with the current President Sergey Bagapsh's birthday. From now on, every Match, 4 he will remember his predecessor who laid the foundation of the country's future independence.

"This is a tragedy for the Abkhaz people. A national hero, an outstanding personality, First President of the Republic of Abkhazia Vladislav Grigorievitch Ardzinba has died. Grief has come to every family", - says the statement published on the government's official website.

One of his colleagues, former Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic Gennadiy Gagulia, the current head of the Abkhazian Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes that Ardzinba's role is invaluable for his country.

- Perhaps, there are no words to characterize his role. There are people in a country's history who turn into national heroes. I believe that he is one of our national heroes and will live in the history of our people forever, because today, Abkhazia's freedom and independence and the fact that it did not perish - everything associated with the beautiful word of Abkhazia - all these things are associated with his name, - Gagulia shared his opinion with GeorgiaTimes.

- He was not only a politician but a scientist as well. Could you feel it when communicating with him?

- He was a Doctor of Science, a professor who has worked in Moscow for a long time under the guidance of Primakov. This is really something, isn't it? His approach to various political issues and his intuition in solving political problems were sometimes incomprehensible, which can be explained either by his being a scientist, or by his natural ability. He could always predict certain political situations with accuracy, he could see the prospects of many questions and he was never mistaken. Time proved he was right.

- Did you have any troubles while working with him?

- He was easy to work with because he never tried to bring around somebody who was right and fair. He could always listen to a person with patience and made his decisions afterwards. There was no authoritarian regime like "I am the smartest here", never. He was very straightforward with the people. He could talk to an absolutely plain person and was never trying to put himself on a pedestal. He combined the role of a personality and just a man.

- The Georgians characterize him negatively; they believe him to be responsible for launching the 1992-93 war. What is the Abkhaz' attitude towards these events?

- It is up to the Georgians what to think of him. They will not say any good words about him because everybody knows that it was them who came here. We did not come to Georgia. Ardzinba was in Sukhumi when the Georgian armor approached the city. So, who attacked whom? We are tired of their lying; let us take not the 15-year-old history but the events of the last year and the year before last when they asserted it was Russia who attacked them in South Ossetia. And then it turned out that it was Georgia who attacked first. The fact was confirmed by the European commission, which refuted this false insinuation they use not only in respect of Abkhazia but in respect of Russia as well. I do not want to speak ill or good of them today. We are not interested in them any more. I understand their irritation at the fact that they have lost because of their stupid policy and because of their inhuman attitude and lack of foresight. And now they are throwing mud at everybody around. Still, let them not bother us; these are their own relations. Should they keep to the same policy, there will be no Georgia soon. There are other nations and regions in Georgia where problems may also occur because of their nationalistic approach to many issues.

- Were there any moments in Ardzinba's rule when he thought about uniting with Georgia, or was he aiming towards the independence?


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