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Saakashvili in search of the way to Russia’s heart

09.03.2010  |  23:37

5516.jpegAccording to the Georgian opposition, Mikhail Saakashvili continues seeking contacts with the Kremlin. After the president's uncle Temur Alasania's visits to Moscow, the mediate powers were delegated to President of Armenia Serge Sargsyan. GeorgiaTimes interlocutors are commenting upon the prospects of the Armenian diplomacy.

While the officials in Tbilisi are trying to prove the pro-Russian politicians' betrayal foam at the mouth the Georgian opposition is suspecting the president of "coming after" the Kremlin elite.


Before her arrival to Moscow, leader of the Democratic Movement for the United Georgia Nino Burjanadze said that Saakashvili "is sending one emissary after another to the Russian authorities".

Now the information has been confirmed by head of the Laborite party Shalva Natelashvili in his interview to the Asaval-Dasavali newspaper. According to him, the administration of the Russian president was recently visited by the Georgian president's uncle, an influential UN official Temuri Alasania.

According to another oppositionist Temuri Shashiashvili Alasania has already met with Head of the Union of Georgians in Russia Mikhail Khubutia and with Eugeniy Primakov, whom Vladimir Putin himself has allegedly given the task of settling the issue of restoring Georgia's territorial integrity.

Before that, the Equal Rights Institute Georgian organization sponsored by the USA made an attempt to brand the uncle for the betrayal of the interests. The institute asserted that Alasania is connected with the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate and is maintaining friendly relationship with the famous arms dealer Eric Gudis. The owners of this non-governmental organization obviously wanted to eliminate the "family" influence upon the nephew-president.

However, Temur Alasania's raids to Moscow resulted in Saakashvili being declaring persona non-grata by President of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev.

That is why, perhaps, Mikhail Nikolaevitch made an attempt to find a new way to Russia's heart. According to Natelashvili, Saakashvili asked President of Armenia Serge Sargsyan, who had paid a private visit to Batumi before the opening of the Verkhniy Lars checkpoint at the Russian-Georgian border, to provide assistance, as VZGLYAD reports.

The Laborite is sure that "it is Moscow that is holding the key to the unification of Georgia and the salvation of the country", while the president "is going crazy because Moscow refuses to receive him".

It is reasonable to appeal to Armenia because this country is interested in settling the Georgian-Russian relationship more than any other country. The Iravun periodical reports that according to "certain informed sources", the opening of a transit corridor from the Verkniy Lars checkpoint on the Russian-Georgian border to the border with Armenia is "the first step forward in the Russian-Georgian relationship". According to the periodical, the Russian negotiators have brought forward other issues as well, such as "the restart of the Abkhaz railway" which is important for Armenia as well.

Is the Armenian diplomacy going to be successful? Russian political expert, chief editor of the Kremlin.Org portal Pavel Danilin is sure that it is not.

- Any kind of mediation is welcomed at the diplomatic level, so, naturally, Armenia is very much interested in becoming a mediator between Russia and Georgia, - the expert underlined in his interview to GeorgiaTimes. - Another point is that Saakashvili has got no chance of having a dialogue with the Russian authorities. He is a persona non grata in Russia, so any kind of negotiations with him is impossible. This man is to blame for the death of the citizens of the Russian Federation; he launched a war in South Ossetia, and there can be no agreements or negotiations with him. Should Armenia venture to become a mediator, no good will come of it.

- Why is Saakashvili trying to reach the Kremlin if he has got refusals many times?

- Well, Saakashvili is crazy and that is all, - the political expert summed up.

An opposite estimation of Saakashvili's attempt to set up a contact with Russia was given by an Armenian expert, Director for the Institute of the Caucasus Alexander Iskandaryan. According to him, the proposal made to Sargsyan is quite logic.

- Armenia provided mediation between Russia and Georgia after the break of the relations, so it would be logical to suppose that Saakashvili wants to normalize, or, at least, to improve the climate of the Russian-Georgian relationship. Certain positive changes have already been made. I mean the opening of the Verkhniy Lars checkpoint and the permanent flight connection that is often talked about. Thus, making a request like that would be quite logical, - the political expert said in his interview to GeorgiaTimes.

- Is Armenia really interested in such kind of mediation?

- Why not? Armenia has got rather steady relationship with Russia and Georgia and it would be quite logic if Armenia tried to help the Georgian party in this conflict.


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