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South Ossetia: facing a revolution?

19.03.2010  |  09:52

5604.jpegThe Mayor's Office of Tskhinval did not allow the citizens who are not satisfied with the slow rate of the dwellings rehabilitation to hold any meetings. However, the initiators of the action are still intended to bring the people into the streets and obviously demand the resignation of President Eduard Kokoity. The authorities have already made it clear that they are not going to allow any disorder and grew suspicious of the opposition's connections with the Georgian special services. Both parties are rather determined, so anything may be expected on March 21. GeorgiaTimes tried to figure out the reasons of the confrontation.


The fire victims from Tskhinval decided to organize another meeting of protest against the slow rate of the construction and the violation of the "citizens' constitutional rights". The second demand requires more thorough consideration.

According to the information provided by deserter from the oppositional camp Alan Dzhigkaev, the true initiators of the meeting located in Moscow want to demand a referendum on Eduard Kokoity's resignation, appealing to the Constitution. Besides, the "basic law" definitely states that the issue cannot be raised at the plebiscite, which means that the demand is initially provocative and the "grey eminences" of the opposition simply reckon upon the break-up of the meeting and a bloody outcome that will finally lead to the expel of the president.

Obviously being prompted by political strategists, Dzhigkaev says it will be another "color revolution" which is planned by Tbilisi this time.

It is difficult to believe his words, especially considering the fact that Kokoity's main opponent, Head of the Stroyprogress company that laid the Dzurikau-Tskhinval gas pipeline Albert Dzhussoev lives and works in Moscow. One of these days, he really called upon the citizens of the republic to demand the president's resignation.

In Dzhussoev's opinion, Kokoity's team has irrationally disposed of the means allocated by Russia for the rehabilitation of the republic after the Georgian army's attack in August 2008. That is the main accusation besides the demands about appointing Eduard Dzhabeevitch's relatives and associates to the key posts, the absence of professionals in the government, the suppression of the opposition and the people's protests.

As if deliberately confirming the last item of the accusations, the Mayor's Office of Tskhinval prohibited the fire victims on whose behalf Grigoriy Dzhasokhov made a speech to hold any meetings. It was said that the reason implied pure formality: the absence of complete data and the address of the meeting initiator. However, another variant was suggested to him, that is, to hold a meeting in the grand hall of the city administration instead.

The IA Res journalists visited Dzhasokhov who has been living in a tent near the half-destroyed five-storeyed house for over a year and a half. It turned out that the fire victim rejects the restoration plan proposed by the authorities. Another five-storeyed building is supposed to be built here for six apartments, five of which will belong to the state, as it was with the old building, and the sixth to Dzhasokhov. However, he believes the whole building to be his property, basing on the fact that before 1940 it had belonged to his grandfather, so he wants to restore the house himself.

According to Mayor of the city Gerasim Khugaev, the meeting planned by Dzasokhov is just a pretext to destabilize the situation. He says that he is supported by the Georgian special authorities and western foundations.

Despite the ban, the initiators of the meeting decided to come to the railway station square on March 21, as was reported to GeorgiaTimes by IA Regnum correspondent in the Republic of South Ossetia - Alania Murat Gabaraev.

- If the authorities gave no permission for the meeting and this is not a piquet and permission is required, then they will take certain steps against the meeting initiators because it will be considered public order infringement. The initiators say that they will come out anyway to announce their demands. They are fire victims that are not contented with the way the restoration works go in South Ossetia.

- Are their demands to the authorities fair?

- There are objective reasons: some of the residents are still living in tents. It is up to the victims to decide whether it is fair or not, for the authorities promised to help them. I have been there not so long ago and I saw the construction works going on; Moskovski housing complex is being constructed, and private houses are being built as well. The construction works in Tskhinval are going on although it is just the beginning of spring.

- Should any disorders be expected there?

-I do not think the authorities are going to apply any power methods to the protesters. Currently, the power supply lines in South Ossetia have been broken by the snowfalls; roads are covered with snow, so the people will hardly get there from the districts. Thus, even if the meeting is held it is not going to be attended by many people, who will prefer staying at home. At present, the situation in Tskhinval is quiet.


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