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Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Armed terrorists from Georgia

31.03.2010  |  00:21

5694.jpegOn the day the terrorist acts were committed in the Moscow underground, State Security Ministry of Azerbaijan disseminated information on disclosing a terrorist net that was provided with weapon from Georgia. The official Tbilisi has already promised to handle the situation; however, this will hardly prevent the Caucasian terrorism.


While the Russian experts are trying to guess whether the explosions in Moscow underground were attributed to the "domestic terrorism" originating from Chechnya or the Taliban members' answer to Russia's assistance provided to the international contingent in Afghanistan, it has become known of another terrorist act that has fortunately failed. The Azerbaijani special services discovered a group of terrorists that planned to blow up schools and nurseries.

There is obviously no Chechen trace in this case, although there was one Chechen with the Russian citizenship in the gang. Just like Russia, Azerbaijan has more than once become the target of the international terrorists. One should remember an explosion in Abu-Bekr mosque arranged by the Lesnyje Bratya (The Forest Brothers) terrorist group connected with Al-Qaeda and Al-Jihad.

49 men were arrested last year in Azerbaijan on suspicion of being involved into the terrorist activity. This has been recently stated by National Security Minister Eldar Makhmudov, as Kavkazskiy Uzel reports.

The information on disclosing the new group in Azerbaijan got into the media in the middle of March, while it was only yesterday that the information was concerned by National Security Ministry (NSM). Georgia's participation in the criminal chain became an alarming sign. 

According to NSM, members of the group received fire weapon, weapon components, ammunition, explosives and devices from the territory of the neighboring country. The weapon was sent to the Balakenskiy region of Azerbaijan by head of the group Agil Namazov who is supposed to stay outside the country.

Group member Rafail Mugumov was expected to receive the ammunition and get the compensation of 500 US dollars for the job. According to Mugumov, Agil Namazov was going to lead the jihad in Azerbaijan by setting up explosions in the crowded places. The ammunition was stored near the educational institutions, which, correspondently, were the target of the terrorists.

In the course of the searches, various guns were found on the detainees, including Stechkin gun, Makarov gun and Beretta-92, including a large amount of cartridges and 24 trotyl blocks with the total weight of ten kilos. Electric initiators, a radiophone, a IC-R20 sweep receiver and drugs were also confiscated.

The Georgian Foreign Minister promised to handle the situation thoroughly. Head of the administration Grigol Vashadze reported that he is cooperating with his colleagues from Ministry of Internal Affairs and will soon get in touch with the Azerbaijani special services. He has underlined that "the information on the arms delivery from Georgia is disseminated by the Russian media and should be taken carefully".

The absence of trust in the Russian media did not prevent the Georgian law-enforcement officers from enhancing their watch after the news about the detention of the Azerbaijani gang leaked out. In three days, on March 19, the Georgian MIA reported the detention of 23 armed smugglers accused of the trade with Abkhazia, not Azerbaijan.

Thus, the fact of illegal arms trade in Georgia is not denied. Moreover, according to former Vympel officer who fought in Afghanistan Lev Korolkov, the Georgian way of supplying arms to the Caucasian hot spots has been functioning for a long time already.

- The arm paths are known about, although it is not always easy to control them. The ways of delivering weapon to the North Caucasus change from time to time as soon as the control over the old directions is enhanced. The delivery is performed both through Georgia and Azerbaijan, - the expert told in his interview to GeorgiaTimes.

- Does the arrangement of a terrorist act in Azerbaijan mean another wave of terrorism in the Caucasus?

- This is no new wave; rather, this is another quality. The processes have been latent and now they are coming up to the surface. The people are afraid lest the terrorist acts should be followed by reprisals. This is just like in the times of the Great Patriotic War when the common people had to pay for the explosions set up by the guerilla troops. Now they also have to take either side, and Georgia may find itself involved into the terrorism on one of the sides.

 - Is there any hope that peace will come to the region?

- No. There is a law: any rebel movement or underground resistance keeps on fighting only if it is sponsored and supplied with arms. The Near East and Afghanistan will keep doing it in the nearest future.

- Why do they need it?


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