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For the sake of the Georgian lobby in Russia

23.04.2010  |  00:01

5875.jpegThe new landing troops of the Georgian opposition have arrived in Russia. Koba Davitashvili and Kakha Kukava represent "the second echelon" of the politicians compared to Nino Burjanadze and Zurab Nogaideli who met with the Russian officials before and expressed their readiness to conduct negotiations on the relations settlement. GeorgiaTimes tried to find out the use of the visits for Russia.


Leader of The People's Party Koba Davitashvili announced before his departure to Russia that he was going to create "the Georgian lobby". That was the reason why he accepted the invitation to come to St. Petersburg to the forum of the World Congress of the Peoples of Georgia.

The organization is led by Alexander Ebralidze, whom Tbilisi has put on the "blacklist" of the Russian agencies. However, Davitashvili underlined that he is not very much concerned about Ebralidze with his claims of the presidential post in Georgia and that the main purpose is setting up contacts with the expatriate community. "We are going to discuss the issues of uniting the country and we have got no intention to discuss the domestic affairs. The purpose of our visit is the creation of the public opinion and the Georgian lobby in Russia", - the media has cited the politician.

Besides taking part in the forum, Davitashvili and Kakha Kukava, a Conservative, his colleague in the National Council parties union comprising former Prime Minister Zurab Nogaideli's movement, will meet with the representatives of the authorities and the opposition, mostly in the State Duma.

Davitashvili is going to offer the Russian party to resume Georgia's territorial integrity and return the control over the conflict zones in return for the refusal to enter NATO. "I believe that the offer of resuming the territorial integrity of Georgia, should it say "no" to entering NATO, is quite serious and the relevant discussion should be serious as well", - he underlined.

Just like during other oppositionists' past visits to Moscow, a suitable informational background has been created in Georgia for the visit in the form of accusations and insults against the "traitors". The second son of the first President of Georgia Georgi Gamsakhurdia called Davitashvili and Kukava "traitors and scoundrels", although some of the experts are trying to stop the hysteria by calling the visits to Moscow an affair "of political style".

And what is Russia's attitude towards the prospects of creating "the Georgian lobby" and the negotiations on the matter of exchanging "non-recognition for non-entering"?

It was President of the Panorama Informational and Research Center Vladimir Pribylovskiy who suggested differentiating the notions of Russia and its "government".

- There is Russia, and there is the Kremlin. There are various groups within the Kremlin as well. Sechin has got his own idea of contacts with Georgia, while Kudrin and Medvedev may have a different one. I admit those who spin intrigues against Saakashvili need contacts with the opposition. It is useful for them to have such connections, especially if the Georgian government is changed. That is why, from the pragmatic point of view, this group should tame the Georgian opposition. As to the whole of the Russian country, it needs maintaining connections with the Georgian people, not only with the opposition but with all the political powers. It is useless and not very good to remove one leader and put another one in his place.

- Koba Davitashvili is going to suggest that the Russian party should refuse to recognize the republics in exchange for Georgia's non-entering NATO. Is such an exchange possible, in your opinion?

- This is the same thing as if I suggested that the Georgians should settle the issue of Abkhazia, being opposed to Putin. This resembles cheeks blowing. As to the discussion of these issues with more significant powers, South Ossetia in its essence is not an independent country and is totally in the Kremlin's power. It may become a token money. As to Abkhazia, things are more complicated here. It depends on Russia but one cannot just give it away. South Ossetia is nothing; it is dust and chimera. As to Abkhazia, it may truly become an independent state if Georgia continues behaving in the same unpleasant manner. It has got inner resources both for remaining under Tbilisi's command and for becoming totally independent.

- Georgian political analyst Ramaz Sakvarelidze supposes that the Kremlin satisfies Saakashvili, in fact, because it helps bringing the Russian people together via the threat of an "external enemy" and delays the negotiations on Abkhazia and South Ossetia that the new Georgian government will obviously initiate, demanding concessions for its loyalty. Do you agree with this opinion?


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