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Inal Pliev: Arguments for recognition are incontestable!

05.11.2008  |  10:15

1/6/1/61.jpegOn Wednesday, October 29 the Ministry for Special Affairs of South Ossetia was officially dissolved. Ex Head of the Information and Analytics department of South Ossetian part of Joint Control Committee (JCC) Inal Pliev gave an extended comment to GeorgiaTImes internet edition to explain the fact of dissolution of this establishment and shared his view of the current situation in the republic.

"There is no more legal framework for the activity of this ministry, - Pliev explains. - New realia have come into life: now South Ossetia is a sovereign state. We are rolling back our work".


"It was not a power establishment - he continues, - but a civil one that provided for operation of South Ossetian part of JCC and resolved the problems of refugees. The ministry shutdown is due to the decision on dissolution of the republic's government that was signed by President of South Ossetia Edward Kokoyty in August after the war. And this will not affect interaction with the refugees, it is still in progress".

JCC did not pass away but died tragically under the shots of Georgian rocket launchers "Grads" during the night from August 7 to 8 2008. It was exactly then that the Georgian battalion - part of Compound Peace-keeping Forces (CPKF) in the conflict area left their Joint Staff as well as CPKF observation posts of and started shooting its yesterday's comrades - Ossetian and Russian peacemakers with whom the day before the Georgian militaries greeted, discussed various topics and ate in one canteen.

The leaders of Georgia committed a betrayal by breaking all peace agreements, by shooting down civilians that did nothing wrong. Through Saakashvili's fault the people that he hypocritically called "my beloved Ossetians" died hushing away the peace warranties. But the top of betrayal was committed by Georgian soldiers and officers. If Saakashvili did not know Ossetian and Russian peacemakers personally those servicemen as I have already mentioned who were on friendly terms with their colleagues of the peacemaking units came to bearing arms against them. By the way Georgian general Mamuka Kurashvili that used to be the head of the Georgian battalion of CPKF proposed many toasts for peace sitting at one table with the CPKF Joint Staff members. And it was him who on August 7 gave a command to discharge mines and shells on them. Thus all peace agreements were crashed down by Georgia and Western leaders that turned to be misinformed and disoriented by OSCE Mission in Georgia and are now sorry to have mixed up with Saakashvili.

- What role did JCC have in settling Georgian-Ossetian conflict? And what was degree of trust of the parties?

- JCC was a unique mechanism for negotiations, for making a peace agreement that would have saved a thousand lives. But now it is clear: what negotiations can be held with the criminals and murderers that cannot be trusted? The above mentioned Kurashvili declared on August 7 that Georgia was starting to impose order. And recently this general in his interview with BBC stated that he was contused and could not be responsible for what he was saying, that he did not remember when and what he had said. This is how it goes: one was contused, the other had meningitis. With whom are we supposed to hold negotiations?

We used to have illusions that the agreements signed with Georgia on the international level could be trusted. But as life shows Saakashvili and his sidekicks in his aggressive intentions can be restrained not by peace agreements and negotiations but by a wild animal fear of ruthless vengeance. Alas life has demonstrated this. That is why there is no more JCC.

- To what extent did its activity contribute to independence of South Ossetia? I mean not only accomplished recognitions but a perspective too.

- Unfortunately due to the reasons far from the international law this process has lasted for almost twenty years in the course of which the tragic processes took place because of legal vacuum that eventually took a thousand lives. The international community when considering the question of South Ossetia independence recognition must take into account not only the internal legislation of the USSR that concerns a legal side of withdrawal of the Union republics from it i.e. the rights that were provided to autonomous entities at that. It should also consider international regulatory legal acts and precedents that refer to the matter of recognition of new states.

- So what is today's position of the Western leaders?

- Their refusal to recognize independence of the Republic of South Ossetia does not have legal grounds. At the same time the crucial argument in favor of recognizing the republic is the high level of constitutional guarantees that we have including social ones as well as democratic rights and liberties that South Ossetia residents enjoy. By now the republic has demonstrated itself as a state with a well-formed democratic consciousness of its people. All the issues of prime importance that directly affect the interests of people at large are solved by way of referendum and the change of power takes place exclusively as a result of nation-wide secret elections without scandals or revolutions.


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