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Free Opinion: time to save Georgia

06.05.2010  |  11:33

5960.jpegA group of Georgian scientists has analyzed the statistical data on Georgia for the last 20 years. The outcome seems to be rather disappointing: it is time to save the country, and the western credits may hardly help. The report on the research was presented yesterday by Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Givi Talakvadze.

One of these days, the report was presented at the House of Free Opinion, while today it was discussed in public.


As GeorgiaTimes was told by Director of the House Nana Devdariani, the research was carried out on the initiative of the organization. Besides Talakvadze, three more scientists were involved in the statistical data processing. They compared the Georgian figures for the last 20 years. A huge work was done with the use of mathematical calculations. However, for the government, the outcome is far from promising.

"The results of the research show that it is time to save the people of Georgia, agriculture and our future generation, and no World Bank or other organizations are capable of helping us", - the experts believe.

The scientists' statements also say that "neither of the governments managed to develop an acceptable program of the country's development or any long-term plans of its cultural and spiritual development, as well as of satisfying the people's essential requirements".

The researchers attribute the deep political and economical crisis to the low qualification of the authorities that committed grave errors.

GeorgiaTimes asked Givi Talakvadze to explain why it is necessary to save Georgia, and from what.

- We must save Georgia because the country's economy is in a very bad condition.

- You believe that the situation is attributed to the mistakes made by the authorities with low qualification but the current president of the country studied in the USA...

- The president studied in America, that is true, but that is not the point. The point is whether the country is ruled in a qualified way, whether the government considers the world experience and national traits and the way the statistical figures are analyzed. For instance, our country has accumulated excessive foreign debt of 9 billiard dollars.

- Some economical experts say that the share of the national debt is not that great and that the figures are different.

- 8,6 billiard is the official figure. That is the amount owed by all the Georgian structures, from the state structures to the private ones. Since 2013, the debts are to be settled. It will be very difficult for a country without its own well-developed industry and agriculture. One may continue developing tourism as much as one chooses; still, the economy cannot be revived without home production. Since 1991, the country has been ruled by unqualified government which was not ready to rule an independent country, especially Georgia with its high intellectual and ecological potential and the assistance of the world community, but the way the resources are spent shows that they are used inefficiently.

- What about the report conclusions?

- They will be published on the website of the House of Free Opinion. We are also going to present our recommendations within a month; they will consider the possible directions of a more efficient use of the Georgian natural resources. We will also publish another report associated with the improvement of the people's social and economical welfare.

- Will the authorities take note of these reports?

- I cannot answer for them but I would be glad if they did. I criticize them only in order to improve the situation in the country. But the authorities do not see real things; they are captured by figures, which can be easily played with in all statistical reports. For instance, if we compare the year of 2000 and 2009, we can see that the cost of the agricultural output in 2009 expressed in laris is higher than that of 2000 but if we take separate positions, such as the area of the cultivated lands, the production of definite crops in plant growing, or cattle stock we can see the decrease of the production volume. The cost of the products manufactured grew due to the world market price growth and the fall in the lari rate. Thus, the figure has nothing to do with the real situation in agriculture. Production safety and the provision of own products to the people mainly depend on production volume, which is, in fact, declining.

- Well, the authorities seem to admit the problems in the agricultural field.

- To admit the problem is not to solve it. It is necessary to undertake definite measures and inform the international community.

- But they do take measures: they establish clubs to teach the farmers; agricultural equipment has been bought in Japan...

- The country does not need promo actions; it needs development plans.

- Does not Georgia have such plans?


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