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The unconquered genius of lie

28.05.2010  |  12:39

6080.jpegPresident Mikhail Saakashvili asserts that Georgia has always conquered its enemies. The head of the state who tried to hide in the bulletproof west when he heard the first sound of shots in Gori and retreated together with the army as far as the heart of the country before the Russian troops reached Gori has held a grand parade yesterday. The sight of the military equipment and soldiers dressed in NATO uniform inspired the speaker to bravura which GeorgiaTimes interlocutors consider to be irrelevant and false, however, rather natural for a political buffoon.


President Mikhail Saakashvili said a lot of fine words about the love for freedom, courage and fortitude of the Georgian people at the parade in Rustaveli Avenue and the ceremony of opening a memorial to those who fought for Georgia's independence. It is due to these traits that the country managed to survive through the centuries. As Saakashvili pointed out, the country has endured the invasions of many empires but still remained independent.

"Our nation did not put up with the loss of honor and dignity and did not give up the dream about the independence and freedom; it has always conquered the enemies who died, all of them, and now they live only on the pages of history", - the president stated.

By the way, it was the Russian Empire troops that helped the Georgians conquer the Persians and the Turks. As to the current democratic Russia, which is "the main enemy" in Saakashvili's opinion, it never died and even conquered Georgia in August 2008.

However, Tbilisi has long since declared the August events to be not a defeat but a victory, after which, in the opinion of the president, the whole world came to know that Georgia was occupied. According to the same distorted logic, the soldiers who died during this adventure undertaken by the Georgian government and who were immortalized in the new Spanish-like stele managed to stop the Russian troops who allegedly wanted to conquer Tbilisi. "If our soldiers had not fought the enemy with the same courage in 2008, Putin's plan would have been realized and there would have been no capital of ours today and we would have celebrated the occupation day instead of May 26", - Saakashvili stated yesterday.

Standing on the terrace next to the children dressed in camouflage suits and waving national flags, Mikhail Saakashvili characterized the independence as the "common dream of the Caucasus". Having pointed at the names of those who fought with Russia, he said that "everyone should be ready to die in their land so that their names would be engraved in the spaces".

The opposition ignored the parade and the presentation of the stele; at the same time, it did not speak out against them. The oppositionists decided not to insult the army and give way to the president's schizophrenia, as was explained by leader of Defend Georgia movement Levan Gachechiladze.

The oppositionists do not take Saakashvili's words said at the parade seriously. "Our country is led by a clown and no one bothers what he says. He did not say a word of truth in all the years of his rule", - former Minister of Georgia for Conflict Settlement Georgiy Khaindrava stated, although he did not deny the fact that the county had to survive many attacks of the neighboring empires during its multi-century history and each time the country managed to struggle.

Georgia is an independent country despite the fact that today one third of the country is occupied by the Russian troops. However, it has nothing to do with Saakashvili. He is associated with the occupation because he created favorable conditions for the Russian intervention.

- Do you agree with his statement that Russian troops were going to conquer Tbilisi and if it had not been for the Georgian army...

- I am not going to comment upon his statements. As to Russia's intentions, if the Russian occupational units had wanted to enter Tbilisi they would have surely done it. The road was open and Saakashvili with his associates escaped from the battlefield. It had been known in July that the Russian invasion was being prepared; that was clear from the movements in the North Caucasus. Still, the government did not make any preparations and someday all of them will answer for that in court.

Another Georgian oppositionist, leader of the pre-election staff office of Alliance for Georgia Zurab Abashidze attributes his disapproval of the parade to the complicated economical situation the country is in. Besides, the country is to regain the Abkhaz and the Ossetians' trust instead of intimidating them once again with the arms demonstration.

- We have got a situation of much strain here. Saakashvili is an eccentric political figure and we are struggling for better times here. The election is the main thing for our political force that could change the power.


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