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Tie-eating is incurable

29.05.2010  |  01:01

6085.jpegPresident of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili again promised to eat his own tie should anyone prove there is a city more beautiful than Batumi. It looks like he will have to fulfill his promise so long as there are a lot of architectural and natural pearls in the world. GeorgiaTimes tried to find out from the specialists why Saakashvili would remind of his stressful state during the defeat in South Ossetia.


As they say in the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted (a humour TV show), Greenpeace has taken Mikhail Saakashvili under protection, so long as this is the only mammal capable of eating ties. The Georgian leader has proved his uniqueness once again, having promised to chow this item of men's outfit if anyone manages to prove that there is a city more beautiful than Batumi. 

During the meeting with the graduates of the local schools, Saakashvili proudly stated that the capital of Adzharia is developing at a rapid pace. There was neither a beautiful square, nor modern hotels, nor electricity sometimes until Mikhail Nikolozovitch came to power and the dragon in the person of Aslan Abashidze was expelled. Now, everything changed.

"Many people do not believe in that; they say Saakashvili is playing games and telling tales that Batumi is going to be a 300-thousand city and there will be more hotels there than in Moscow and that it will become a second Monaco or St Tropez... Well, those who believe nothing may sit in the TV companies and croak whatever they choose. I may say that the frogs in the new lake in Batumi croak in a much more beautiful manner than some of the guys speaking on TV", - Saakashvili shared his impressions.

"If there is such beauty anywhere else at the Black Sea shore I will eat my tie once again", - he summed up, causing a storm of applause of the school graduates.

Did the schoolchildren understand that they are listening to a real president and not to a mimic satirist? Did they ask themselves why the head of the state likes to remember his panic reaction to the military actions in August 2008 when the leading western TV companies showed him chewing his tie?

"Of course, at a moment like that one may involuntarily eat his own tie because of being too much nervous", - Saakashvili stated several months after the war when the deputies started worrying about the president's psychological state.

"However, the enemy will never see my fear, our fear or our back", - the president added, which is absolutely true. Russian troops never saw the backs of the soldiers of the Georgian army who retreated as far as Tbilisi: they just showed a clean pair of heels against the background of the smoking military vehicles.

As to the tie, the president had to come back to it more than once in his mind.

In November 2009, RF Prime Minster Vladimir Putin in Yalta advised President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko who was receiving Saakashvili in Kiev to come to the meeting with no tie. "Ties are rather expensive today, no one knows what may happen... well, I think you understand...", - Russian Prime Minister said and the journalists laughed. 

The next day Saakashvili thought it necessary to respond: "Earlier, Putin used to threaten other parts of my body and I will feel more comfortable if he goes a bit higher". The president was hinting at the Russian Prime Minister's promise to hang Saakashvili by "his balls", which, according to the western media, was made by Putin to French President Nicolas Sarkozy in August 2008.

A new anecdote appeared after the visit of the Georgian president to Ukraine: "Why did not Saakashvili eat his tie in Kiev? Because it is still green - it is not yet ripe!"

Now that the tie is ripe enough and Mikhail Saakashvili has got worried because of the rumors about his soon displacement by his own associates, he looks at his subordinates' garments with appetite.

The opposition prefers to give way to the president's schizophrenic manifestations, although demanding to fulfill the promise to undergo a drug test. Former Minster of Georgia Goga Khaindrava assures that Saakashvili takes cocaine.

Russian satirists do not think it in their sphere to discuss the issue of the Georgian president's emotional state any longer. "I do not share this comic attitude to any nervous breakdown. I am not at all amused when a man behaves like that at the heat of the moment and I see no reason to laugh at it for more than two years", - Ephim Shifrin (a Russian satirist) stated to GeorgiaTimes today.

So we decided to turn to a psychologist. However, as we were told at the Department of Political Sociology and Psychology of the Faculty of Political Science of MSU, Saakashvili's reference to his eating his tie may rather be attributed not to an illness but to the signs of mauvais ton because of ill breading, which is incurable, Head of the Department Elena Shestopal believes.


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