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Why did Alliance for Georgia break up?

16.06.2010  |  18:39

6172.jpegOpposition Alliance for Georgia is no more a single unity. As Irakli Alasania, the alliance's leader, Georgia's ex UN envoy stated, the parties inside the alliance are now passing onto a new level of relations promising that the coordination between the forces that were part of the union will be preserved. GeorgiaTimes discussed prospects for new political unions and reasons why the alliance split up with representatives of the Georgian opposition and politologists.


According to Irakli Alasania, the organizations inside the alliance have been together for a year, a very interesting year in terms of experience. The oppositionist remarked that the old form of their relations can't be acceptable any more. "We have decided to work on reinforcement of our parties focusing all our efforts on that", - Alasania stated highlighting that each party that used to be part of the union will independently decide on participation in parliamentary elections.

The Alliance for Georgia was established in February 2009 comprising following parties: Irakli Alasania's Free Democrats, David Usupashvili's Republican Party, David Gamkrelidze's New Rights and Salome Zurabishvili's Way of Georgia.

The alliance got 9% of votes at the local election. Alliance for Georgia representatives obtained 18% of votes in Tbilisi city council, and Irakli Alasania came second in Tbilisi mayoral election.

Immediately after the election ex ombudsman Sozar Subari left the alliance. As Georgian media report, he had decided to leave a month and a half earlier rejecting the post of Tbilisi sakrebulo chair. He didn't want to make his decision public not to do harm to the alliance and the opposition. Subari also remarked that if there is a chance to win there is no need "in fighting for defeat" hinting that Georgian opposition leaders (including Alasania) fail to come to terms with each other.

Irakli Alasania called Subari's act weakness. "There are people who lose faith in victory with the first obstacle in front of them. Real fighters get stronger overcoming difficulties. I personally have never been part of a guaranteed victory plan. Even under most complicated circumstances I used to win with my own hands and with the support of my teammates. This is the way I will stick to. Sozar chose his own way", - the alliance's leader commented on the rights defender's withdrawal.

However, two weeks later the opposition union was dissolved. GeorgiaTimes correspondent discussed the reasons of Alliance for Georgia break-up and prospects for new political associations with representatives of Georgian opposition and politologists.

Irina Sarishvili, Imedi party leader

The break-up of the alliance should have been expected. All associations and alliances established in Georgia over the past two years were spontaneous. Even in case of victory they were doomed to dissolution. That is why I don't think anyone in Georgia is surprised at that. There is nothing to unite people inside the alliance. The same is true for other associations. Apparently, they thought they would need each other from pragmatic point of view.

Alasania was the one who made the gravest mistake. When he appeared in real politics he had great prospects for becoming an opposition leader. But hardly had he started mixing with the republicans - greatly unpopular in Georgia - when his defeat began. I don't think Alasania will ever have the status and find the foundation he had when he returned to active politics.

Georgi Gachechiladze, Greens of Georgia party leader

The break-up of the alliance was expectable since the parties inside the alliance had nothing in common ideologically. Besides, the parties got united for the election, and when Alasania showed his result he started thinking how to reinforce his own positions. Besides, it was Sozar Subari's withdrawal that showed big problems inside the alliance since the loss of such a well-known rights defender was a challenge to unity of this political association. Though from the point of view of strategy Alliance for Georgia remained united at the election.

Alexander Rondeli, president of Georgian Foundation of Strategic and International Studies

I think dissolution of the Alliance for Georgia is connected with the election results. Unions are created for a certain purpose, at a time of trouble. Apparently now they decided to set up a classical party, to make it solid and long-run.

Are new political unions likely to appear in Georgia?  

Irina Sarishvili

We simply have no other choice. The local election has brought an entirely predictable political vacuum. Practically all political forces that have been taking an active part in processes over the last two years have completely discredited themselves. Life of people in Georgia has not become better because of that, the authorities are not loved more. They simply have grown more stable since the population has lost any hope seeing all those processes inside the opposition.


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