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Monday, 23 April 2018


Saakashvili suffering from accuser complex

25.08.2010  |  12:38

6736.jpegGeorgia continues fighting its own history. One of these days, the republic paid tribute to the victims of totalitarian regimes. In the authorities' opinion, August 23 became the symbol and manifestation of the criminal essence of two cannibal regimes, communism and fascism. One feels like asking: what other memorable days are Georgian lawmakers capable of devising to vent gall on their closest neighbors?


Two months ago, Georgian parliamentarians established the Day of remembrance of those who died under totalitarian regimes. Following their idea, the day of August 23 was chosen carefully: the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, a nonaggression treaty, was signed on that day 71 years ago by heads of MFA of the USSR and Germany.

"Despite the fact that by 1939 Georgia had been occupied for 18 years, re-division of Europe into areas of influence prolonged Georgia's further presence in the Soviet Union", - Rosbalt is quoting the Georgian parliament resolution.

There is an interesting question: what would have become of Georgia in due time if the USSR had not taken it under protection at a difficult moment? Or does Tbilisi think, just like the Baltic States, that the republic would have flourished under the fascist power? As for the division of the influence areas, it remains an urgent issue in the modern geopolitical practice as well. It's enough to consider the U.S.' policy, which is quite illustrative.

But let us come back to August 23. According to the statements made by Georgian delegates, the decision on establishing the Day of remembrance of victims of totalitarianism has something in common with the European day of remembrance of victims of Stalinism and Nazism announced by European parliament in 2008. Indeed, it seems to be quite logic. The only unclear thing is why Georgians needed to rebuke the modern Russia of their ancestors' sins on the Day of mourning?

"Despite Russia's attempts to pursue the policy of influence areas, it is unable to achieve that purpose and Georgia's de-occupation is going to happen very soon", - says Georgian parliament deputy Akaky Minashvili.

There is an impression that the Georgian supreme legislative body should call this day the Day of Hatred of Russia. Anyway, the dates are new but the wounds are used by political intriguers. Tbilisi's struggle with totalitarianism was discussed by GeorgiaTimes correspondent with one of the leaders of Movement for Fair Georgia Petre Mamradze.

It's a fact that dozens of millions of people suffered and died from the red-brown plague in the XX century. Of course, one should not forget about it. Another point is that patriotism is the last refuge for ruffians, as was said two hundred years ago. The Georgian ruling establishment, Saakashvili's totalitarian regime, which has long become the symbol of elite corruption, is by all means trying to hide behind the smoke, feigning a struggle with totalitarian past manifestations, acting as the last bulwark of democracy in the region. In such cases, I always answer that Georgia is moving right to the totalitarian past where one man decides which monument should be left untouched, what bridge to build and what to blow.

On that day, Georgian parliamentarians accused Russia of the republic's problems. Why?

I would not like to justify anyone but we are a small state and should put the question in the following way: have we done everything we could to avoid a conflict with the greatest neighboring state, have we depleted all the resources? Within a number of years, Saakashvili in his madness has done everything possible to trigger a conflict and exacerbate it. That is treachery of the interests of Georgians, including the Abkhaz and Ossetians.

Are there any Baltic sentiments among the Georgians, considering Tbilisi's intolerance to everything related to the Soviet times?

No, there are no such sentiments. Even such famous historians as Henry Kissinger describe objective reasons explaining the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Stalin and Soviet government appealed to all the western countries with a clear proposal of making a coalition. However, these initiatives went unanswered.

I believe such sentiments could be encouraged only by the ruling group. Saakashvili is generally prone to accusations. For example, not so long ago he accused US President Barack Obama of having betrayed the democratic values. Another day, he accused Sarkozy of derogating from the standards of freedom, equality and brotherhood. Well, he is a truly flamboyant character.

Ruslan Chigoev

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