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Saakashvili will ensure Georgia’s malignant educational growth

16.09.2010  |  19:29

7655.jpegGeorgian children celebrated The Knowledge Day two weeks later than most of their peers in the vast post-Soviet space. However, suspending the start of the school year for two weeks is not the only surprise prepared by the kind Misha Saakashvili for his country's schoolchildren. By the end of tuition, many of them will probably speak a different language to the elder generation in the proper sense of the word.


The president of Georgia is famous for his unhealthy desire to reform everything he sees. Neither did the educational field avoid this uneasy fate. After all, there is nothing wrong in that and the new methods and principles of tuition should raise the Georgian school to another level. The wave of the freshly-cooked young Georgian geniuses educated under the guidance of Saakashvili's henchman Dmitry Shashkin will wash away Russian and Chinese schoolchildren from the pedestals of various international academic competitions in one powerful sweep. Just wait and see...

Still, one can hardly believe that the transformations initiated by Sakartvelo's leader will yield such results. Not because the majority of the Georgian president's reforms are going to get into the Political Curiosities Encyclopedia in fifty years or so. After all, following the theory of probability, he should succeed at least once. But no, Mishiko has let his supporters down again. His decision to invite several hundreds of foreign teachers to the country caused a storm of resentment in the Georgian society.

The initiative really looks ridiculous in the first face, especially if we remember the Georgian teachers certification procedure set up this year and the mass dismissals of the employees of educational institutions that followed. The authorities showed no mercy even for the most experienced teachers who are now going to be replaced by foreign "specialists", many of whom have got scanty knowledge in pedagogy. Simultaneously, educational institutions were cleared of those teachers who did not show much approval of the Georgian government's current policy as they should have done according to Dmitry Shashkin's new ethic code.

In this respect, it becomes clear that Saakashvili's and his foreign bosses' plans are not at all aimed at the soonest teaching of English syntax and grammar to the Georgian children. The country is pursuing colonial policy, which fact is quite obvious. Why should Georgian "aboriginals" ever think, why do they need their "own opinion"? Let them be sure that there is only one standard of knowledge, beauty, belief and truth in the world. Let us convince them that the Sun really rises in the West and get another several million people ready to give and take life for the chimera of "American dream". It's the basic principles of the notorious "American mode of life" that the new "teachers" will knock into the children's heads.

However, representatives of the Georgian opposition have got doubts as to the foreign guests' belonging to the pedagogical sphere. According to the Georgian Laborites spokesman Georgy Gugava, most of them have got neither higher, nor special pedagogical education and represent various religious sects. According to Gugava, the only purpose of their coming to Georgia is the conversion of schoolchildren.

Suspicions of the supporters of Saakashvili's regime are shared by famous Russian educational expert Sergey Komkov. "These statements of the opposition are absolutely natural and fully correspond to reality. American advisors in Georgia have got one of the two possible "origins": they are either from the US State Department, or they are various "missionary staff". However, they have combined their efforts now and if Georgia does not get rid of these advisors, the Georgian school will soon be ruined. It will turn into a kind of missionary educational institutions that will teach the fundamentals of some moral having an American flavor and give the minimum amount of real exact knowledge. The new process will include plenty of speculations, dwelling upon the meaning of life, upon serving and things that have nothing to do with real education, and there will be very few exact sciences", - Komkov stated in his interview to GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

According to him, such reforms are aimed at creating a pro-American enclave in the Georgian territory that will have no intelligent or broad-minded people. In Komkov's opinion, having come to power, Mikheil Saakashvili immediately started tailoring the social standards of Georgia to the American ones. "However, American educational system has been ruined a long time ago. These are not our conclusions; they were made by the Americans themselves. For instance, comments on the matter were made by one of the richest Americans Bill Gates. A few years ago he said that the American school was dead, for its stopped bringing up intelligent personalities. Americans need to implant this standard in Georgia to turn the local people into consumers. That's what they did, in fact", - Komkov believes.

In his turn, Georgian political analyst Ramaz Sakvarelidze is sure that the Georgian society is capable of avoiding spiritual intervention from the West: "For Georgia, sectarianism is nothing new, for we've got enough of our own sectarians. However, they have been unable to turn the people away from Orthodoxy.


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