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Life Day celebrated in South Ossetia

21.09.2010  |  13:26

7790.jpegSeptember 20 is South Ossetia's Republic Day celebrated as triumph of legality over lawlessness, victory of principles of freedom over slavish consciousness, the day of surmounting fear of death with the lust for life.


It will be remembered that deputies of the 14th session of the Executive Committee of the the Georgian SSR's Autonomous District of South Ossetia were deciding on formation of the republic in extreme conditions that even a girl from the Institute of Noble Maidens would have hardly described them without swearing. The country that fell to pieces threatened to turn lives of hundreds of millions of people into ashes. It is absolutely logical that in a situation like this both USSR leaders and common people were indifferent to the future of South Ossetia's tiny nation.

Only political and public elite of Georgia was keenly interested in it. The attitude was that of a sly fox watching a nest of a small busy bird: there was no other task but to come and destroy.

Remarkably, South Ossetia had never been lucky with the leaders of Georgia, its eternal neighbor. Relationships between representatives of the two nations could hardly be called friendship. However, common faith, similar cultures, mutually beneficial trade had used to help South Ossetian and Georgian citizens find a common language. Certainly, before Tbilisi had a pack of half-crazy "kinglets" whose minds were scorched with chauvinistic ideas of the Georgian nation's supremacy (or certain representatives of the nation) over all other creatures in the Universe.  In early 1990s Georgia's public and political figures were directly speaking about necessity to abolish the South Ossetian autonomy and expel Ossetians from its territory and the whole of the Georgian SSR.

Georgia calls proclamation of the South Ossetian Soviet Democratic Republic as part of the USSR illegal. The most interesting fact is that official Tbilisi reproaches Tskhinval for violating Soviet law Georgia discarded seceding from the USSR in April 1991. Apparently, the Georgian leaders wanted "to eat cake" and leave South Ossetia inside their sovereign borders. Preferably without Ossetians.

Thank God, Tbilisi failed to implement its slaughterous plans against South Ossetians. Still, attempts were numerous starting with a heavy march on Tskhinval in 1989 up to the barbarian assault on South Ossetia in August 2008. Today the people of the republic are paying tribute to those who lost their lives for the white-red and yellow flag over Tskhinval looking hopefully at those who represent the country's future. It is true there is a most difficult period of construction and restoration to go through. Not only Tskhinval's homes crashed by Georgian artillery need that. Identity of South Ossetian people needs recovery too. However, now this task is much easier to solve since people of the republic have one major achievement - the right to live and be free.

As Inal Pliev, a well-known South Ossetian expert believes the decision on formation of the republic by South Ossetia's parliamentarians was a forced one. He particularly highlights that the republic was proclaimed as part of the Georgian SSR. "I would like to make a point of it because South Ossetia is frequently accused of separatism: allegedly it was a way to secede from Georgia. In reality the South Ossetian Soviet Democratic Republic was declared as part of the Georgian SSR. At the end of 1990 South Ossetia announced its wish to remain within the Soviet Union under the USSR laws. On the contrary, Tbilisi decided to secede from the USSR in 1991. Thus, Georgia stopped being part of the USSR tearing South Ossetia away from it at the same time. From the legal point of view we acquired a state border. Only after that, in 1992, South Ossetia declared independence", - Inal Pliev emphasized in an interview with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

According to Pliev, these facts are deliberately hushed down in Tbilisi when South Ossetia's sovereignty issue is brought up: "They don't speak about them trying to change the subject. This is understood since if the dialogue on these issues is pursued in compliance with the legal framework, Georgia and its supporters will get nothing. Still, there is not a single difference in the positions of South Ossetia and Russia, its ally, on the issue".

Inal Pliev also highlighted that the West might hear reason and acknowledge South Ossetia's independence. However, the expert adds, then Western countries will have to change their hostile attitude to Russia completely. "Over the past 20 years we have demonstrated exceptional loyalty to ideals of friendship with Russia as a heritage of our ancestors. That is why disapproval of Russia is spread over us too. Before the war in 2008 representatives of the Western states probed South Ossetia's public opinion offering a possibility of universal recognition of the republic's independence upon its rejection of pro-Russian orientation. Still, I didn't believe in such developments then, neither do I now. Western diplomats are so full of lies and hypocrisy: in order to achieve their goals they descend to deceit", - the South Ossetian expert is sure. 

Artem Martynuk

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