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Friday, 21 September 2018


Mythologist Saakashvili lying and believing

29.09.2010  |  18:29

8195.jpegGeorgian opposition has caught the president of the county Mikheil Saakashvili in lying. It turned out that in delivering his speech at the 65th UN General Assembly, Georgian leader tried to convince the West that the authorities of the republic are fiercely fighting poverty and dwelled upon Sakartvelo's successful development compared to other countries of the former USSR. What was the purpose of Mishiko's efforts?


The role of Saakashvili's denunciator was played by his former associate and current leader of Democratic Movement - United Georgia Nino Burjanadze. She said that the president's statements about overcoming poverty do not match the data provided by World Bank, saying that almost 60 percent of people in Sakartvelo are in need, VZGLYAD reports.

The oppositionist also added that Georgia is falling behind the neighboring Azerbaijan and Armenia in terms of investments and economic development. "Saakashvili declared from the UN rostrum that there is nothing impossible for courageous people; he spoke about bold leaders, - Burjanadze stated. - That's cynical of Saakashvili to speak about leaders' courage when two years ago the whole world could see him hitting the ground in Gori on hearing the noise of the planes during the armed conflict".

The president's speech attracted criticism of other representatives of the oppositional front. According to leader of party Our Georgia - Free Democrats Irakly Alasania, Saakashvili's public speaking was addressed at the international audience in the first instance but not at the Abkhaz or Ossetians, whom Mishiko allegedly wants to make friends with. On his part, leader of The New Rights party David Gamkrelidze noted with regret that Saakasvhili's speeches delivered from a high rostrum tend to have nothing in common with reality.

What are the demands of objectors, who talk about the fabulousness of the president's utterances, grounded by? GeorgiaTimes correspondent discussed the issue with one of the leaders of Movement for Fair Georgia Petre Mamradze, a person who knows the Georgian president well enough and who has worked with him.

In Mamradze's opinion, when Saakashvili starts talking he does believe what he is saying. "He lapses into his imaginary world where everything goes as he wants, - our interlocutor says. - Saakashvili catches fire and starts talking nonsense and telling lies with vigor and enthusiasm". The oppositionist underlined that it was clear from the president's first phrase that it was not his style and manner and that the speech was composed by foreign counselors.

"I am often asked: "How can one go on under such hard conditions?", - Mamradze says. - But we listen to Saakashvili's speeches, thinking that he speaks not about Georgia but of some mythic country". According to our interlocutor, Georgian economy has been going down for three years. The more so, as last year the authorities failed to conceal the drastic GDP fall that happened for the first time in 15 years. The oppositionist is sure that the current regime is deceiving the people by talking about the probable five-percent growth in comparison to the last year. In reality, inflation covers these figures, for the prices in the country have jumped.

"The part of the population that has grown poor and is living in misery keeps increasing, - Mamradze shares his views. - The fight against poverty has long since turned into the fight against the poor; elite corruption is flourishing in the country. It's true that the street policemen do not take bribes and that there are no thieves in law in the republic but the point is that they have been replaced by Saakashvili himself and his accomplices handling the import". At the end, one of the leaders of Movement for Fair Georgia added that it is ridiculous to compare Sakartvelo to Azerbaijan from the UN rostrum. "It has been three years that the West considers our republic to be a failed state", - he summed up.

There is a definite example proving that Petre Mamradze is right: just open the Georgian government's official program for 2008-2012 and take at least one of its items called "Welfare of the people". According to the document, the government promises employment increase, pension growth and positive migration. Meanwhile, the official unemployment level in the country amounts to 17 percent. According to some sources, over one million citizens of Georgia are below the poverty line.

It is poverty and the lack of workplaces that make people seek job in other countries: for instance, at the Byelorussian-Polish border checkpoint in Tiraspol, about one hundred Sakartvelo citizens apply daily to the Polish authorities for a status of refugee. There no use talking about any positive migration as well.

It turns out Saakashvili is really telling lies. He is telling them not only to his western partners but also to himself. Well, one could be happy for the Georgian governor's fertile imagination if it were not for the scaring figures that point at a very unhappy life in the once safe republic.

Ruslan Chigoev

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