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Beware of Georgians bringing gifts

14.10.2010  |  21:50

8803.jpegA handsome gesture made by Mikheil Saakashvili, who has cancelled visas for the citizens of the North-Caucasian republics with one stroke of the pen, caused a storm of emotions in the region. The only point is that the comments on this seemingly peaceful initiative of Sakartvelo's leaders are mostly very critical. GeorgiaTimes correspondent tried to find out why the step made by Georgian government did not get any approval of the Caucasian public representatives despite its authors'



It is obvious that Tbilisi's offer was to significantly raise the indicator of friendliness of Mikheil Saakashvili's regime. However, the image of the Georgian government has grown so negative in recent years that none of its decisions goes without looking for numerous hidden plans. The saddest thing is that such plans are revealed almost each time.

The initiative of visa cancellation did not produce any positive reaction even in Georgia. Representatives of the opposition have already announced the start of the "creeping occupation" in the country. They refer to the situation around Kazbegsky region as to an example of the possible scenario. Let us remind you that not so long ago, Daryal North-Ossetian public organization stated the necessity of returning this region back to South Ossetia. This region was originally populated mostly by Ossetians and now some of the Georgian politicians are afraid of the serious enforcement of the ethnos' positions, as well as the position of other North-Caucasian nations in Georgia.

However, one cannot "blame" official Tbilisi for the unreasonable abandonment of the policy of ethnic chauvinism in connection with demonstrating an affected desire to set up favorable conditions for the people in the North Caucasus. Georgia has evidently once again become a puppet in the hands of the foreign puppeteer. Saakashvili's role has reduced to the image of a small annoying dog set loose by Washington from time to time. This time, though we are not speaking of any fierce "barking", Russian government should better take care.

One can be sure that the idea of the Georgian president about the "single Caucasian space" submitted to the public approval during his speech at the UN General Assembly will now be in every way lobbied by the West: even if you never accused our Mishiko of aggressive behavior, look at his softness and kindness today. Still, at some moment, the wide Georgian smile may all the same turn into a wolfish grin.

The attempt of turning the Caucasus into a kind of united "nations pot" may lead to such an ethnic and confessional explosion that the Isreali-Arabian conflict compared to it would seem a short-time quarrel between two neighbors who cannot divide a patch of the garden, for the number of problems of various nature in this area actively encouraged from the outside are hardly countable. Neither should one doubt that the western countries will gladly lay the responsibility for the smallest strain in the region upon Russia. After that, talks about the necessity of a boycott or even the cancellation of the Olympics 2014 in Sochi will definitely start anew.

Head of Adyge Khase Kabardino-Balkarian public organization Mohammed Hafitse believes that the Georgian government's proposal has got a pure PR implication. "It is done for the purpose of self-advertising to turn the people of the Caucasus towards Georgia. Still, Tbilisi does not take into consideration the fact that such scenario is impossible until Georgia sets up normal political and other kind of relationship with the people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia", - Mohammed Hafitse underlined, adding that the North-Caucasian people much appreciate their brotherly relationship with the people of Abkhazia and RSO.

The expert also attributed Tbilisi's initiative on introducing the visa-free regime to the recent statements of the Georgian government about the recognition of the genocide against Circassians on the part of the Russian Empire. "This is just the same promotion of Saakashvili's team as the conference on Caucasian war held in Tbilisi. Let me also remind you that the conference was attended by only one representative of our republic".

"It is the Georgians living in the republics of our region who need this decision. As for me, I do not need a visa-free entrance to Georgia as a patriot of my country and the North Caucasus. Our attitude towards official authorities of the country is unambiguous: we are not going to accept any of their offers as long as Saakashvili retains power. They are trying to rehabilitate themselves before the North-Caucasian nations instead of setting up normal relationship with the Ossetian and Abkhaz nations", - he added.

Artem Martynuk

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