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Monday, 25 June 2018


Who saved Saakashvili from nut house?

15.10.2010  |  14:52

8833.jpegLike a number of politologists and experts the Georgian opposition now doubts sincerity of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's promises. Former State Minister for Conflict Resolution Giorgi Khaindrava calls the secretary of state's statements "false" thinking that the White House simply takes advantage of the republic using it as "cannon fodder" and Saakashvili is preserved on the throne instead of being sent to a head doctor.


"US administration needs our country as a geostrategic territory and a place to bring into effect their interests", - the radical oppositionist emphasized. - Otherwise, there is no way to explain the persistent myth about democratic character and success of Georgian president Saakashvili and his criminal cartel".

Khaindrava also stated that the United States pursue meaningless policies launched by former US president George Bush's administration. The oppositionist is sure: the fact that Georgia has a "schizo" in presidential seat is partly Washington's responsibility. "The USA put pressure on Georgian people at 2008 presidential election, otherwise Saakashvili would now be on the outskirts of history or in a mental hospital"- VZGLYAD quotes.

To bring changes the former state minister suggests that the opposition launch large-scale confrontation. "Conflict is inevitable in Georgia, and the struggle will be fierce. I think the nation must reveal self-denial, but do today's Georgians care about that? - Khaindrava asks. - People of Georgia must agree to self-sacrifice hoping for the better, since now we are nothing".

Most probably the oppositionist's bright speech won't be left unnoticed by the regime: the leaders of the republic are greatly annoyed at Khaindrava's eloquence. His public warning in August that he might leave the country because of difficulties and a "shameful situation" the Georgian state is in is not incidental.

Still, Khaindrava seems to have restored optimism learning the news on establishment of opposition-oriented "Georgian Party". Indeed, a glance at the names of politicians enrolled in it is enough to understand: the movement's intentions are really serious. The party comprises former defense minister Irakli Okruashvili, former ombudsman Sozar Subari, Defend Georgia public movement leader Levan Gachechiladze as well as ex ambassador to Russia Erosi Kitsmarishvili. It was at the presentation of the Georgian Party that Khaindrava aired his discontent over Washington's policies.  

On one hand Khaindrava's position does not look illogical: indeed, nothing has changed for Georgia after Barack Obama took over. All hopes of those who agree with him about US total influence on Tbilisi after George Bush the Junior's resignation have not come true. The radical opposition is certain: Mishiko suits the White House's new administration and all declarations on support for Sakartvelo's bygone territorial integrity won't solve problems inside the republic.

But is the opposition of the same opinion? Do all think that Washington who appointed Mishiko Saakashvili as president is to blame for everything? GeorgiaTimes correspondent discussed the way other opposition forces of the republic perceive US policy toward Georgia and the well-known radical's speech with Petre Mamradze, a leader in Movement for Fair Georgia.

He does not agree with Khaindrava reminding that at the time of consideration of Georgian-US Strategic Partnership Charter Hillary Clinton reiterated importance of democracy development in the republic. Another problem emerges: If Saakashvili provides for freedom of mass media, courts and electoral system, as the Charter stipulates, he won't be able to retain power. At all events the president will face legal liability for all his doings. That is why, basically, such reforms are incompatible with Saakashvili regime. 

"Nonetheless, the United States insist that these reforms be carried out. But Washington does it within its competence and without pressure", - the oppositionist remarks.

According to him, the US leader's attitude to Saakashvili is rather transparent since Obama has not met with him up till now: "Yes, Georgian president sends a colossal number of peacekeepers to Afghanistan in hope that the Department of State will turn a blind eye on his regime and will reckon with him, but this is wrong".

In conclusion Movement for Fair Georgia representative said that there are many people in the republic who share Georgi Khaindrava's opinion. "Like what shall we do? Once the USA picked up Saakashvili to appoint him as president. But he is not taken back", - Mamradze says. - People think there are powerful external forces that decide on things, and we are a small nation. Still, I will remark, in January 2004 Saakashvili obtained 97% of public vote. There will be no intervention if Georgian people take a decision and change the current situation".

Alas, the Georgian opposition remains disunited. While Georgi Khaindrava accuses the USA of cynicism Petre Mamradze says that in fact Barack Obama has absolutely no interest in Mishiko. One common thing about the oppositionists is that both call on the population to be more active in showing their attitude. But will people of Georgia hear them? Let's wait and see.

Ruslan Chigoev

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