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Kadyrov cutting Saakashvili to the heart

28.10.2010  |  21:14

9413.jpegThe issue of Tbilisi's engagement in the recent events in Chechnya actively discussed by the media has reached the top Georgian authorities. The statement made by the head of the Chechen republic Ramzan Kadyrov about sponsoring militants via Georgia was responded to by leader of Sakartvelo Mikheil Saakashvili. According to him, these suppositions are "absurd". Isn't the president playing cunning?


An outrageous incident happened on October 19 in Chechnya. Around nine o'clock in the mourning, the republican parliament was attacked by a group of militants. A car with the terrorists followed the deputies' cars. One of the suicide bombers blew up himself, while others penetrated the parliament building. The subverters' actions resulted in the death of two policemen and the administrative manager of the parliament. 17 people were wounded.

Chechen government immediately started an investigation. Soon, Ramzan Kadyrov made a statement, underlining that the militants acting in the North Caucasus receive money through Georgia. "The militants have got very few sources of sound moral and financial support. Earlier, they received financial aid and weapon through the territory of Georgia. Gangs were delivered to Chechnya through Georgia as well, - he underlined. - Today, Georgia is the only spot where they receive aid and get trained". Kadyrov also announced possessing some information about the young being enrolled in the Georgian territory to carry out subversive actions in Russia.

Tbilisi's first reaction to Kadyrov's accusations was aired by State Minister for Reintegration Temur Yakobashvili who made it clear that the Chechen leader should substantiate his words with facts. "Such statements have already been made and we've heard them many times, - the minister underlined. - I cannot understand what these statements give them. They need accusing anyone of the situation in Chechnya; however, it would be better if they watched their own territories".

It looks like watching their "own territories" has recently become an obsession in Georgia. The current regime is steadily looking for eyewinkers in other people's eyes, trying to pinprick Russia with the loud statements about "occupation" and making noise about the smallest near-border problem.

Meanwhile, Ramzan Kadyrov is not going to deny his own words. One of these days, head of the Chechen republic confirmed once again that he has got information on the transit of weapon and militants to North Caucasus through Georgia.

This time, it was President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili who decided to answer Kadyrov. As had been expected, the Georgian leader called Kadyrov's words just an attempt to distract attention from his problems. "These accusations are groundless and absurd, - Saakashvili was cited by Press Speaker Manana Mandzhgaladze. - This is not the first case when the situation is aggravated in the North Caucasus and the accusations are addressed at Georgia".

Indeed, it's not the first time Tbilisi "pops up" in the talks about the terrorist acts in Russian cities. It was the same way after the explosion in the Vladikavkaz market when some of the media reported that Tbilisi had got a serious reason for a deathly fight with Ossetians after the unsuccessful aggression against Tskhinval in August 2008 and it was the same way after the explosions in Moscow metro when RF Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev left open the possibility of a "Georgian trace" in the action.

After all, what are the Georgian public officers surprised at? If we go back in history we can remember that Pankisi Gorge was practically abandoned by the Georgian government at the end of XX century and left to the troops of the Chechen militants and Arabian hirelings. It was there that Ruslan Gelayev's and other field commanders' troops were trained. Indeed, President Edward Shevardnadze tried to close the gorge for the terrorists; however, in 2004, there appeared information that another Chechen trace was spotted in Pankisi - the one of Shamil Basayev's.

Moreover, Russian Federal Security Service repeatedly mentioned possessing information about the contacts of the Georgian special services with the terrorist organizations in the North Caucasus. Sakartvelo's security officials were also mentioned in the reports about al-Qaeda terrorists being transferred to Chechnya and Dagestan.

There is nothing surprising in Ramzan Kadyrov's statement for Russian political experts. According to the head of the Caucasian department of CIS Countries Institute Felix Stanevsky, the head of Chechnya knows what he is talking about so long as he knows it not by hearsay. "Georgia is used by the government to provide a rear base for the militants and terrorists, - he underlined. - There has always been a base in Pankisi Gorge and in Tbilisi and it is still there. Cooperation between gangsters and the Georgian government is a custom. It existed in the times of Shevardnadze and Gamsakhurdia. I believe, Saakashvili's regime will do everything possible to shatter the situation in the North Caucasus as much as it can".

The GeorgiaTimes correspondent asked about the way the situation is taken by Georgians. Georgian military expert Gia Melitauri provided his appraisal of Kadyrov's words and Tbilisi's reaction.


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