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Sunday, 22 April 2018


Will Saakashvili find a Georgian Anna Chapman?

02.11.2010  |  18:10

9581.jpegMikheil Saakasvhili's regime decided to join another childish amusement despite the experienced bitterness of loss and shame after an attempt to play war two years ago. This time, Sakartvelo people will have to watch the "battle" between the wicked Russian "spies" and the brave Georgian "special agents". So far, the information on "Russian spies" is delivered according to the universal maxims of the DMB (a Russian movie) characters: "Can you see the ground-squirrel? - No, I can't. - Neither can I, but there IS a ground-squirrel!"


Rumors on detaining several dozens of Georgian citizens allegedly working for Russia appeared last week. These people are accused of collecting information on purchases made by MIA and Ministry of Defense, as well as of obtaining and delivering information on high-ranking officials of the local security agencies to Russia. However, no one saw the "spies" and no one heard about them for a long time.

Even the Georgian Foreign Ministry officials turned out to be unaware of the situation; at least, this was stated by deputy head of the country's foreign policy administration Nino Kalandadze. Georgian parliamentarians have got into the same situation, while the law-enforcement officials must be undergoing a special course of "How to correctly present the danger of a Russian threat to young democracies in the post-Soviet space". It looks like the best ones will deliver a speech during a special briefing where Georgian MIA promised to reveal the truth about the "spies" who ventured to betray the ideals of the Rose Revolution.

With all this noise, Georgian government is evidently trying to kill several birds at once. In this way, Tbilisi is trying to neutralize the loud statements made by the head of the Chechen republic Ramzan Kadyrov who several times accused Georgia of supporting terrorism. Now Saakasvhili's regime will try to make similar claims on Russia as a trump card, even despite the obviousness of this trump card being daubed by the government's hand.

The spy scandal will most certainly be used by the country's authorities as an argument in the struggle with the opposition, especially against the background of the mass protest actions scheduled for November. Official Tbilisi has long been acting according to the principle of consolidating its often unrelated opponents into some powerful unions.

This is the way it happens with the domestic opposition: all Saakashvili's opponents are immediately listed among the Kremlin's agents hampering Sakartvelo's prosperity under Mikheil Nikolozovitch's wise guidance. Thus, it is quite probable that when the personalities of the detainees are voiced, there will be some opposition-supporting businessmen. The policy of depriving the current government's opponents of material base by forces of the law-enforcement agencies has long become customary for Saakashvili.

The time of "discovering" the spy network surprisingly coincided with the adoption of the Freedom Charter by the Georgian parliament. This document implies serious enhancement of the special services' role in the country for the purpose of protecting the country against various external and internal hazards and once again reminding the people about Russia's allegedly evil intentions in respect of Georgia.

In its turn, a famous Russian expert, Head of the Caucasus Department of CIS Countries Insitute Felix Stanevsky stated that Georgia itself has deployed a real agent network in the territory of Russia. "Within twenty years, the human intelligence activity in respect of Russia has been deployed by Tbilisi quicker than in other fields. It included cooperation with the so-called Ichkeria and cajoling of militants, such as Gilayev and Mashadov. The anti-Russian information policy keeps to the same track, as well as the political action of announcing free entrance to Georgia for the people of the North-Caucasian republics", - he said in his interview with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

"Saakashvili wants to demonstrate that Georgia can treat Russia as a second-rate state. However, it has never been and will never be this way, which fact was again proven by the events of August 2008. One can just underline the absence of any productive initiatives on the Georgian side, which means that despite all the statements, Georgian government in not in the mood of setting up peaceful relationship with Russia", - Stanevsky is sure.

It's difficult to tell what the end of this shadowy story will be. Considering the eccentricity of the current Georgian authorities, it is easy to expect everything, for Sakartvelo governors have got fertile imagination. The only problem is that their imagination is enough only to "revise the covered material".

It has been repeatedly stated that all the loud statements of Mikheil Saakashvili and his henchmen turn out to be secondary: they try to imitate both the Russian government's behaviour and the foreign instructors' actions. And now they again try to behave "like grown-ups": they even managed to discover their own spies. One may only reckon upon the Georgian prototype of Anna Chapman to appear among the detained twenty people so that the story would acquire some flavour; anyway, the official Tbilisi will hardly make a more breathtaking sensation out of the situation.

Artem Martynuk

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