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Georgia dreams of extinguishing Olympic flame

23.11.2010  |  13:20

10404.jpegSince ancient times the Olympics have been a great feast with all armed or political conflicts brought to a halt for the period of competitions. In 21st century Olympic principles are no more reckoned with, as Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili demonstrated. In 2008 he used the start of the Olympic games in Beijing as a cover to organize a barbarian assault on Tskhinval. A few years later, current Georgian president is trying to put the world's sportive feast on the shrine of political intrigues realizing inability to achieve his goals in South Caucasus.


Georgian parliament plans to protest against Winter Olympics in Sochi. Sakartvelo deputies could equally challenge the sunrise or the coming of winter - two events beyond their power that will take place anyway. However, representatives of the current regime don't care about the inevitable. If ordered, they are ready to counteract earth gravity since it's not important to win, but to take part and be remunerated. For the time being they have been ordered to "raise the wave" in connection with the venue for Sochi Olympics.

As a result, people's deputies of Georgia have set up an ad-hoc commission assessing possibilities of a media war against 2014 Olympics. Main sore spots official Tbilisi is planning to hit are security and ecology - both connected with Abkhazia. "We don't speak about complete boycott of the Games. We only point to various breaches of the charter. At first we will propose the IOC to call Russia to improve the situation mainly referring to Abkhazia's return to Georgia's jurisdiction and pullout of Russian troops from Abkhazia. Secondly, the ecology issue must be solved", - Shota Malashkhia, head of Georgian parliament's committee for restoration of territorial integrity said. If Russia refuses to accommodate Georgia, repetition of the 1980 events is highly likely. Then the Olympics in Moscow were ignored by Western countries because of introduction of the Soviet troops into Afghanistan. "We hope to have support of IOC members who boycotted 1980 Olympics in Moscow upon entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan. A similar situation must be evident to them here", - Malashkhia emphasized.

"Community leaders" of North Caucasian republics will most probably help Georgia present Sochi Olympics as the concentration of evil forces and vices. Tbilisi often invites a person with a Chechen, Ossetian or Circassian name onto the stage declaring him a spokesman of the whole nation "suppressed" by Russia. It is not important that the person was declared a persona non grata at home - a suitable surname is the main thing. This person is easily given the title of the head of a "forum" or a "union".

Russia does not view "the Georgian threat" seriously so far. Maria Kiseleva, three-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming comments on the actions of Georgian parliament with slight irony. "We are making full-scale preparations for the 2014. We will be glad to see athletes from all over the world including Georgia. Victories of athletes taking part in the Olympics will be our joy", - she said in an interview with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

It will be remembered that already in 2008 Georgia submitted an "anti-Sochi" appeal to the International Olympic Committee referring to Abkhazia as one of the hottest spots in the European continent. Naturally, there was not a single mention that the highly explosive situation was due to permanent threat from Georgia.

It seems Tbilisi wants to hit the issue with a woodpecker's obstinacy hoping that something will work out in the end. Basically, this stubbornness is the main hazard Georgian leaders represent for Sochi Olympics and the whole Caucasian region of Russia. Various parliamentary committees and deputy meetings are not a problem: the West is already tired of Georgia's idle talk and does not view it as a serious player in political battles. There is a more dreadful thing: realizing weakness in the diplomatic war, Saakashvili and his allies can easily switch over to a real war - latent but not less slaughterous - with acts of sabotage and terrorism.  

Artem Martynuk

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